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Monday, July 4, 2011

Did you know

Kids enjoy the flexibility which most adults can only dream of...

Hope you had good weekend.  Yesterday while browsing through I found "Mommy minded -blog" with Bento-Box ideas.  Thanks Megan. 
Today I packed  three different things in my son's snack box.
Fish  shape - made out of wheat flour
Snake  shape - made  out of sprout bean dough
Chana dal masala
Sorry I forgot to take the photo...because of morning chaos

It was not even 6am I heard Aryan bleat.  When I reached to him he wanted water, I gave him from the bottle; then he wanted from his blue bottle.  I got up from the bed and filled his blue bottle then he said he want chill water in his small glass.  I was angry thinking  Monday morning with great start...Then  I took deep breath and made Aryan to calm down.  Fortunately he did quite down in few minute.

It was brushing time, he came asking me to put the toothpaste on his toothbrush  which I did and in a second he throw the brush burst out with tears.  Why did you put little toothpaste... kids demands are unbelievable.  Oh dear...I was thinking to myself what a beautiful morning.

Finally settled him and made his breakfast, made him to eat, got him dressed, packed his snack box, filled his water bottle and send his to school.

I believe every mommy go through this morning chaos...


  1. Wish we all remain as kids :) Truly a monday morning! but isnt this just the beginning? :)

  2. It sounds familiar! Cute pictures, Daffy!


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