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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just another day

Hope you all had great weekend. We did!!! We drove down to our friends place.  My husband drove all the way. It took 2-3 hours one way to reach the area. The road trip was fun but tiring when we returned home. After a tired day, the whole family collapsed in the bed and woke up very late.

I didn't intended to give a long gap from blogging.  Unfortunately my sewing machine broke down while i was adjusting the thread tension.  The stitch is all tangled up.  Oh dear, my Sunday tutorial is messed up. I thought its time for me to sit back and enjoy a movie; away from disappointment.   I watched '127 hours' by Danny Boyle. I love the movie beautifully effort.

After a lot of trail and error, I fixed the machine on Monday.  Hurray!! I planned to stitch when my son takes his afternoon nap.   My husband picked up my son from playschool, he was looking tired and running high temperature. We took him to the doctor and continuing with medication.  Its Wednesday today and still his fever is between 100F-103F.  The house is so silent, you realise how much your child fill our life with love.  When they are around us the house is so lively.  I will catch all soon.

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