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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Favorite - What's on the Menu

I'm happy to tell you I found this site Recipe for happiness by SandeeA. She has a lovely collection of recipes and interesting way to make your kids eat vegetable and fruits.

What's on the Menu

Today I'm going to share recipe for Refreshing summer Carrot lollipop.

You will need
Lollipop stick
butter and sugar( as per requirement).

1.Steam the carrot till it softened
2.Toast it slightly in butter
3.Insert the lollipop stick 1-1/2" into the carrot
3.Now dip the carrot lollipop in sugar

You can freeze it for 30mins and serve it chill

I realised I could've achieved better result, by using sugar syrup as a coat on the surface of the carrot.  Sugar syrup texture is more taster and kids loves it. 

Sugar syrup: Heat 1cup of water and 2cups of sugar together in a saucepan, until sugar dissolves. Let it boil for 5mins in low flame. Keep stirring don't overheat. I will try this next time.

You might be wondering what is the red colour stuff, it is called Kozhukatta. This is made out of red rice.  You can find the recipe in my earlier post Kozhukatta

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  1. very innovative way to have carrots :) shall try ;)


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