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Saturday, July 9, 2011

My Husband's birthday

Today is my husband birthday,  we made cake already for my blogiversary so he didn't want any more cake for his birthday. So I planned for great lunch and our friend brought simple fruit cake. He is an amazing person, I drive him crazy almost everyday but he love me anyway...hahah.  He is my best friend without him I can’t imagine my life. 

I made vegetable biryani and chicken curry and salad.

This what I made for him...He really really like it


  1. Well Happy Birthday to dear hubby to Daffy....may you both have great and happy live together...the rice and curry looks yummy...and i am sure they tastes delicious.

  2. happy birthday talai! truly said pupa, he is an amazing person - easily one & only talai! may you guys have a fantabulous life ahead :)


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