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Friday, February 18, 2011

Toddler Penguin BackPack

Thanks for the supportive comments and encouraging me to post this tutorial.  This is my first backpack specially made for my son.  He started his preschool last week, I was very excited. He fancied penguin,if you have read my earlier post you could have known about the penguin story behind the backpack.  The backpack turns out more fabulous than I imagined. I couldn't take many photos but managed to make a tutorial with a few photos if you have any doubt please feel free to ask me.  Hope it is of some use.  I'm happy to share with you all.

To start with the tutorial, I googled for Penguin picture, once when I found one I printed, enlarged and made some modification to suit the backpack. I started with a pattern, then cut out the eye, nose, feet, hands and body on felt cloth. You can create any animal on your own. 
                                   Click here the Pattern 
              And Instruction

Hope you enjoy doing and don't forget to send me the photo if you make one.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Zipper Bracelet for my Valentine

I still remember its 5.30 in the morning on Feb14, 2003 I was fast asleep in my cozy bed.  My husband proposed me in my sleep, he called me and  asked " Will you marry me?".  My heart knew I love him and want him to be my soul mate, but my mind i didn't agree. We agreed to get married after few months after few discussion. Today I'm happy i went by my heart.  He is a special man from the beginning. He treats me and our son with love and respect. Anybody who looks can see we are still so in love.

This is what I made for my husband this valentine.  This is a simple project with zipper,satin and button to decorate.

A zipper bracelet

Happy  Valentine Day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Aryan's first day to preschool.

Can you believe it, its time for Aryan to start playschool. I was not sure whether aryan was excited but I was.   I made him a cute penguin backpack, which he loved.  Last week I was telling him the Penguin's story during his bedtime.  He was so excited about the penguin going to pizza party.  Then next morning he wanted to play penguin game, want to eat penguin cake..so on.  I thought penguin backpack was apt.

So my little man is ready to go to preschool.  Its a big day for us, kind of emotional to leave him there.  I was nervous and cant believe he is old enough to open his lunch to eat apple,dry grapes&carrot stick.  He cried a bit when we left him, I promised him to take him to swim after school.  I feel anxious of already missing him and he being comfortable in the new preschool setup, his teacher and other kids.  I know he is a warrior and he can conquer the fear by himself, its just that mummy's heart sunk when i saw him crying. He is going to have a wonderful time later once he feel secure.  At earlier times he has been with other kids and he loves people around him  He is going to "Little Star" preschool just down the road and an hour everyday for this week.

 Here he is ready with his penguin backpack and wearing my sandals

Thursday, February 3, 2011

One more

One more of Luttaps bag of small version.  On great demand from viewers when I first started this, I thought of make the tutorial and cut out the pattern.  But there was change in plan, my friend was travelling today and she want to carry this with her.  So finally i stopped the tutorial and carried on with sewing.  Outside of the bag was great challenge.

She wanted a back zipper,  I figured out the how to make the zipper look nice.

 I did accomplish the pleasant sidelook with pink fabric, I wanted the same fabric for lining.  Since the fabric was not enough, I choose green fabric for lining, I dont know from where I got it but Im sure someone gave it to me.

 Inside the bag is with oneside with two pocket for mobile and pen.  The otherside with zipper compartment.

 She carried with her this morning.........