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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Healthy lamb and vegetable casserole recipe

My naughty boy is bored eating the same rice and dhal.  So today I made lamb with vegetable.
Lamb is a great source of Iron which is essential for growing toddler. Mixed vegetable full of vitamins.

Pressure cook:
500g Clean and chopped lamb
1 tbsp Coriander powder
1/2  tbsp chilly powder
1/4 tbsp tumeric powder
1/2 tbsp sauf
1inch cinnamon 

I pressure cook the lamb till 2-3 whistle, easy to chew for toddlers. Pressure cook the washed lamb with all ingredients, add salt for taste. 

1 chopped onion
½ tbsp ginger and garlic
1 chopped tomato
1 Green chilly (optional)
275gm Mixed vegetable –cabbage, carrot you can add capsicum, parsnip, potato…

Heat 1 Tbsp olive oil in a casserole dish and sauté ginger, garlic, onion till its golden brown. Green chilly or peppercorn for taste(optional if you cooking for adult). Add cabbage, tomato, carrot and cook on a moderate heat for a few minutes until the veggies are tender. Finally add the cooked meat reduce the heat to low and stir well.
Garnish and serve with fresh dill.

Monday, July 26, 2010

why did I like this

Inspired by Spring chicken from Badskirt

Colour attracts me. Isn’t it adorable?

My son loved this cute pretty thing. I end up making three of them.
Challenge to make things.  I start with one thing and end-up discovering something else
I adore being creative and enjoy what I can make. Probably it’s in my gene from my mom. She is a person does sewing, knitting, painting, crafting, cooking, gardening, endless list..

Even if I make something from the book/blog, I try to add my ideas for new look. I’m happy that I able to incorporate my ideas.

Million things in my head to make. Although many are unfinished. This keep me busy thinking what is next.
Its a great feeling to wear what you make(my pending projects,I will publish soon). And someone says I like your dress.
  How can I forget my wonderful husband? He is always behind me motivating.

Last weekend!

Aryan had his vaccination on friday.  Poor baby, irritated by running nose wasn't feeling too well.  His appetite decreased and he was fussy.  I forced myself to get out of the house.  We went to Anna/Visvesvaraya Tower Park.  Last time I remember going to the park was 4years back. It was a park with lot of space left dirty/unattended. 

To my surprise  I saw Tower with new look, my  favourite orange.
Lack of maintenance for fountain - I could smell dirty water stagnation
Good Toddlers Play area.  Each balloon is 10rupees. Not bad isn't it?.  Aryan is full of joy
Family time
The lush lawn is beautiful.
Hardly I can find a dustbin!! Everything thrown on the ground.  When this will change?????

Friday, July 23, 2010

Purse organiser

An awesome Purse organiser I found at 'The Giving flower'. Whenever I travel with my little one, I never seem to find enough space to carry everything.  I usually carry around big bag and dig through lot of
stuffs to find my cellphone or pen.
If you havent got a chance to see, here is the instruction for Purse organiser from Thegivingflower

I was so excited about the organiser that i completely forget to use interfacing fabric.  When i finished making this i realised the organiser is not stiff, so i attached a beautiful button and loop to hold it tight.

  I made one for my sister, but this time with the interfacing fabric on.
 Now the organiser is stiff enough to replace things back. She just loved it

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What did I do today!

Despite the hectic morning, we had a fun afternoon enjoying the good weather and an interesting painting by Aryan!

I love my water colors
Final result..handful of colors Here we go all clean now.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cute little ruffle handbag

I made this cute little ruffle handbag for my niece as a birthday gift. She just loved it.

I had some fabric leftover from my summerdress with a bit of fabric flower and red button combination the handbag is made.  Its simple and cute.

Play tent for kids

Playtent for kids

I made a children playhouse tent. I always wanted to make one, I still remember when we were young we used to make tent with mom's sari. I finally out a simple pattern,inexpensive and easy to make from Living with Punks website. You need few yards of fabric and hula hoop or things can be used to make the circle that will hold and shape the tent. 

You won't believe how easy and quick to make them.  Here is the instruction from Living with Punks website:  Tutorial for playtent.  I didnt make scallops edges instead i made fabric flower that matches the tent fabric. I didn't find the hula hoop, so I used iron wire.  Your children will have hours of fun with the tent. Best of all, the project is cheap and fun for all ages.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Birthday Bash!

Its a birthday month, starts with my sweetheart's shashu, my niece aashu and my mom. Yesterday was my niece Aashu's birthday,she is 5years old now.

If you haven't tried this strawberry flavour cake. you should try its yummy. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pincushion Organiser

Oh yes, I remember my promise and managed to take few pictures of weighted pincushion organizer . I had purchased red fabric from Waves awhile ago. There were bits and pieces laying in my cupboard. As I said earlier Elizabeth Hartman is a clever women, I adore her ideas and fabric combos (www.ohfransson.com). She has come up with this wonderful weighted pincushion organiser for Sew, Mama, Sew.   I made two of them - Red & Black. 

My favorite is bag.The Pincushion have flannel weight bags of uncooked rice inside.  I filled it with some pebbles.


The instruction for weighted pincushion organiser is here free PDF Download 

Likes: I liked the fact that its a complete kit to store pin,needles,scissors,measuring tape and messy threads.  You can set them on sewing table or armchair because of the weight.Nice to carrier around with all your sew stuff.

Dislike:  I messed up with the red scrap bag, it was not stiff enough,then corrected my mistake when I made the black scrap bag. 
I have to add more pebble to the weight bag to store my big scissors

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Kuttuse! Miss you

Never thought I can be away from you for a day and now it’s been a year away from you. I know our son is keeping me busy round the clock. We both are waiting for you to come home soon.

My hubby loves watches, I really don’t have the count of watches he has. Still I gave him watch this birthday..