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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jul 5

Summer monsoon has began. Its a right weather to stay at home and do some sewing work with hot cup of tea & pakoda. Monsoon brings with it craving for hot& fried foods. I still remember when we were kids as the first drop of rain falls, we run out of the house to play in rain. I love the smell of the mud and sound of the rain. As I see my son Aryan, 19months filled with zest expressing his happiness when he saw the rain falling down. Inflatable swimming pool are great and handy, he was very excited to get in and splash around with his toys.
Today I made something for my mom. A weighted pincushion organiser by Elizabeth Hartman, www.ohfransson.com. I adore her work and fabric combos. I will upload the photos soon.. I'm very tired to stay back any longer. Goodnight!

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