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Monday, September 30, 2013

This Month

Well, it's been a good month; busy for sure with school, exams, onam festival, holiday visit from relatives and my work.  I got horribly stuck with blogging in between these schedules; I guess when life becomes busy I forget to do what I really like - little excuse.  Few things what I did during this month.

*Beginning of this month I managed to sew 6 salwars in a row for myself and I remember some of the fabrics were bought last summer. 
*Aryan's best friend moved out to different country; he was slightly upset - now he has moved on and he's making new friends. 
* Sister's get-together (Two generations - mom &sisters + me&sisters)
* Beach walk with cousins
* Road trip to Zoo 
* Kids sleepover  
* Onam festival - amazing!
* Toys exploring
* Trying my hand on Suede fabric
* Visit to my favorite temple in Padi - Did you know Tiruvallesswarar temple is 2000 years old
* Spending time with cousin was nice; it's not very often we meet up  
* Worked on more colors and patterns into my shop
* Nice Chit-chat and catch up with my best friend
* The best part is within this tight schedule; I managed to sleep little longer than usual

Smiling Cow

Whenever we visit the temple; kids love to feed the birds and cow

Sister and brother dressed up traditionally for Onam feast - Having fun

Beach walk

Zoo trip

It's been a month of full speed but all in all I'm enjoyed and blessed.  Hope you too enjoyed this month.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hello August!

July is gone, an event filled month - birthdays in family and my blog, article about Daffysdream published in India Today Magazine. I have been trying to soak in every moment. More time with my little man, he is back early from his school these days.  Me and Aryan in my studio working and playing together...What more to ask for right? 

Here is what I whipped up this month in my studio - my favorite upon client request.

Bag organizer in Vintage linen fabric

 New styles with Zipper closure, Extra tall insert, Extra large for Diaper Bag and Double Decker pockets.

I was looking for some books for Aryan and I found this beautiful Desktop calendar from  http://www.jacketflap.com

Do you have anything fun planned for this month?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Where did the Monday go?

Where did the Monday go? I thought to myself when I was making the bed for my little one yesterday night. Another weekend flown by and I felt Monday was faster than weekend. My husband was away from city for weekend; so it was me and my peanut. I try to keep him busy throughout the weekend. On Saturday we collected the textbook from school he was very happy to see the colorful books and exploring them.  Then we went park, I took to his friend place and then playtime with sister. By end of the day I knew inside he was missing his dad.  Just before I was read the bedtime story- he could no longer resist he was very upset about his dad being away on a weekend.

Father and son relationship is very different from mother and son, they love having fun time- like this...

Sunday, June 23, 2013


It’s yet another weekend after Aryan school opened.  I'm still getting used to the school routine - his school starts early contrast to playschool timing, so yeah- pick him up early, lunch time, little snap, playtime, homework, dinner and early to bed. First few days I was struggle with the new routine and bit behind with work time although I manage all the orders as per the schedule.

These days are tiring while I’m trying to get there. This post was lying in the draft since my Last post; I wanted to share with you my new tops I made two weeks back.  I'm first attempt sewing a stand up collar neckline was a flop; so I wore it around the house. Then I learned the technique and trick which made it simpler.  I chose simple neck design work for both the tops.

I made a fold-over clutch with left over black fabric.  I love the combination of Black and blue.    If you too like it please visit my shop.

So what are you up to?  Have you got plans for weekend?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

First day to school

Monday my husband and I took my son to his First day of school. He was bursting in tears; I wanted to celebrate the day with little photo session and treat him with ice cream after school.  I'm a person like to treasure memories and never wanted to forget little things that I hold close to my heart. I did some photo session when he went to kindergarten/playschool.  It's amazing to see how kids grow and change; so you can look back and bring smile.

As soon as when we walked into the school block; he saw his playschool buddy.  He was very happy. We did little photo session after first day of school. 

Today was his third day to school; he is back to the school routine - early to bed and rise early.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I can't ask for more wonderful weekend.  9th June Aghavizhi  my brother's short film was screened for public view. I have no words to express - movie was absolute brilliant with different dimension. Congrats to the entire team.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Sling Bag / Cross body Bag

It's Friday - why does the time fly so fast?  This week is totally busy after coming from holiday. As promised I managed little time to post this sling/cross body bag on web/Etsy shop.  
I decided last minute I needed a small bag to carry few things during my travel to Munnar.  I made this bag and utterly love it; very convenient and handy for travel - carry iPad, phone, wallet, camera, map and lip balm.  So I made few more for my shop.

I always wonder how the bag looks without the top stitch - but I really like it without the top stitch. The little details with few pleats at the bottom and closure with key lobster/ swivel key added the beauty. Length adjustable strap is very comfortable for a walk trip .

Enough room to carry things - zipper pocket and divider for easy access. I will be putting the snap closure inside the bag as many people prefer the magnetic snap.  I have posted on Etsy.

Please visit my Etsy shop to buy one.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mini Vacation to Munnar.

Hello friends,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We had a mini vacation with family in Munnar.  The weather was amazing (cold and drizzling) I felt awesome away from super hot Chennai temperature.  We took the evening train till Aluva; more easy for kids to move around and then travelled by tavera to Munnar top hill. Kids were excited and serious window gazing. On the way we stop by waterfall - kids enjoyed.  By afternoon we reached Munnar we settled down in the cottage-  the chef was amazing cook - he made awesome food. We didn't miss home food.

Next day we had good time exploring the city.  I have over 450 photo on my camera and its hard to decide what to show. So here is few and hope to show more by during this week. Morning we walked round the park surround with beautiful flowers and then checkout waterfall,Dam and Echo point on our way. We took a break at beautiful lake - kids went for boating.  By evening we reached the cottage; hot dinner was ready to serve. I miss the vacation


This week I've lot of catching up to do with my Etsy shop - working on orders booked and get them shipped soon.  I have managed to finish a new sling bag you can see me carrying around in one of photos.  I will be posting it soon with more details on web shop.


Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'm on Holiday!

I'm off till 4th June - a much needed break from work. I booked my holiday two months ago; I'm super excited and seriously cannot wait to leave this super hot weather for few days.   

While I'm away on my holiday, my shop (Etsy and Ebay) will remain open.  Any purchase made during this time will be shipped on 5th June.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lovely Black and Red.

Hope everyone had wonderful weekend.  I love weekends a fun filled family time.  I was hoping for a nice time after a busy week, I promised my son for swimming and thinking to treat myself with little shopping for me and husband.  But none of that happened.  Unfortunate this weekend my husband away, son with flu and fever and the weather was too humidity.  Oh, what a disappointment.

I was at home; fortunately I had enough on my plate - taking care sick son, working on the orders and new pattern.  Before going to the bed I pleased myself by making this bag.  I love the combo Black+Red. I remember I had this fabric left over lying in my closet after a custom order.  I wanted a big bag to carry around to the post office/ shop; something I really what for very long time.  Finally here I treat myself. 

Two magnetic snap pocket in the front and lot of pockets inside.  Its great to keep the package, document (or your iPad /laptop/magazine )

After a long day (looking after my little son when my husband not around); I'm rather happy by end of the day.  Sometimes even the hard day can end smoothly.