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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mini Vacation to Munnar.

Hello friends,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  We had a mini vacation with family in Munnar.  The weather was amazing (cold and drizzling) I felt awesome away from super hot Chennai temperature.  We took the evening train till Aluva; more easy for kids to move around and then travelled by tavera to Munnar top hill. Kids were excited and serious window gazing. On the way we stop by waterfall - kids enjoyed.  By afternoon we reached Munnar we settled down in the cottage-  the chef was amazing cook - he made awesome food. We didn't miss home food.

Next day we had good time exploring the city.  I have over 450 photo on my camera and its hard to decide what to show. So here is few and hope to show more by during this week. Morning we walked round the park surround with beautiful flowers and then checkout waterfall,Dam and Echo point on our way. We took a break at beautiful lake - kids went for boating.  By evening we reached the cottage; hot dinner was ready to serve. I miss the vacation


This week I've lot of catching up to do with my Etsy shop - working on orders booked and get them shipped soon.  I have managed to finish a new sling bag you can see me carrying around in one of photos.  I will be posting it soon with more details on web shop.


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