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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Custom make - Cute and short Bag

I greatly enjoy taking custom orders because I love creating new pattern based on customer's need and allow my customers to be the designer. This pattern was little challenging but I'm happy the way it turned out.  My lovely customer had a great choice of fabric, absolutely like the coffee brown floral pattern. 

This is a stylish purse to carry around the shoulder and handy to accommodate your entire essential.  

  • Two pockets for phone and camera
  • Inside zipper compartment one side 
  • Mobile slip pocket other side 

The major challenge was the back panel, it's mini wallet attached to the bag.

  • Money slip pocket
  • Credit card and Picture ID slot
  • Sunglass padded pocket
  • Coin purse
  • In the middle you have enough space to keep mobile/pen. 

This cute and short bag neatly fits every thing required for day. 

Definitely, it was a fun filled project.  I really really liked this pattern. Thanks Kim, for challenging me to trying something new.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Custom make - Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is one of the necessity for motherhood. I have been wanting to show the Stylish diaper bag i can make as per your need.

So here it is... Stylish diaper bag along with fleece lined changing pad and diaper clutch.  They are designed by me to carry everything mommy and baby needs while traveling. There are various compartments that will hold baby items and easy to find when required.

Approx measurements:

17" across the top
12" across the bottom
11.5" tall
5" depth
20" double handle
41"long handle 

Feature of Ultimate diaper bag:

  • Two pockets in the front with magnetic snap

  • Velcro pocket and zipper pocket on the back 

  • Diaper bag can be transformed into messenger bag with the long strap

  • Zipper closure to secure your things
  • Two elastic pockets each side to fit the bottles
  • Three pockets on one side
  • Four pocket on other side 

  • Every mommy need this diaper clutch for everyday use.  Measure approx 7"x 10"

Changing pad measures 15"x18", its perfectly soft for your little one and folds up nice into diaper bag.

This bag is a classic style delight with convince of being hand free. If you are interested to custom make one please contact me at daffysdream@gmail.com.  I'm happy to discuss color,theme and style like and dislikes.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Alumni Meet

I'm excited to share our Alumni Meet on August 15.  After 16 years when I walked into the school I had a nostalgic feeling. Although everyone from 1996 batch didn’t turned up but even few made a difference.  I would see joy and smiling face around me. We shared our good old day’s memories. Those school day’s memories are most valuable treasure. We used to have lot of fun, mischief and chuckle.  The really friendship made and innocence were the best. 

School days are the best days in our life which are unforgettable.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

15 August Independence Day

Today my son had 66th India Independence celebration at his school.   I decided to dress him as Bhagat singh.  Bhagat singh is a freedom fighter for Indian Independence. The costume was simple, white shirt and black pant and a hat.  So I got the chance to sew his second shirt.  This time I made four pattern piece shirt compared to last time.  It was neat and crisp. 

For hat, I chopped off my husband’s old pant.  Draw and cut the pattern on the paper and sew.  It’s not so hard you see.....

The costume was ready last night; we played Bhagat singh dress rehearsal .   Arya loved his dress and very happy to wear them and introduce the character.  Today morning he got up early  and wore the dress.  When we reached school, he was all in tears.  I stayed there for sometime and promised to buy him jelly, candy after his school. 

Finally he gave me a big smile.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Yesterday was Janmastami; celebrated to welcome and enjoy Lord Krishna's birth.  Children were asked to dress up as Krishna and Radha to school.  Here is my little boy aryan as krishna and his cousin sister aashu as radha. 

For people who are not aware of Janmashtami : it is the joyful celebration of Lord Krishna's birth. Major celebrations of Krishna Janmashtami takes place at midnight as Krishna is said to have made his divine appearance in that hour. Fasting, bhajans, pujas and many other rituals mark Janmashtami celebrations in India.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pencil Rolls - custom order

Pencil rolls, keep you art supplies organized and portable holder which rolls up nice and neat.  This is a custom order for birthday party gift. I agreed to make, it thinking it will take only 30mins each. It took me the 13hours for 20 Pencil rolls. But it was fun working, I think as a kid I would love to have one these.    

Have you noticed the selection of color, aren't  the color vibrant??? When the color is vibrant the photo turns out brilliant. I love rich colors and I'm really getting to love this fabric.  Colors always give me lot of energy to sew. Yeah 20 pencil rolls in day - cutting, ironing, sewing, packing etc

A perfect gift to keep your kids entertained when you are out anywhere.