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Friday, August 3, 2012

Pencil Rolls - custom order

Pencil rolls, keep you art supplies organized and portable holder which rolls up nice and neat.  This is a custom order for birthday party gift. I agreed to make, it thinking it will take only 30mins each. It took me the 13hours for 20 Pencil rolls. But it was fun working, I think as a kid I would love to have one these.    

Have you noticed the selection of color, aren't  the color vibrant??? When the color is vibrant the photo turns out brilliant. I love rich colors and I'm really getting to love this fabric.  Colors always give me lot of energy to sew. Yeah 20 pencil rolls in day - cutting, ironing, sewing, packing etc

A perfect gift to keep your kids entertained when you are out anywhere.


  1. These are adorable. People will be pinning these and ordering them too. Thanks for sharing on beColorful.


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