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Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Friday - Feel good

I found it just when I needed...  Sometimes we all need little pep talk right? Stop blaming yourself or letting the negative thoughts enter you. Say this inspirational line to yourself and see how better and free you begin feel.

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today make something good what you love.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I had a great time.  On Friday I went to my son's Playschool for Women's day celebration. We had fun time.  In the evening we had a family get -together and later in my Pajama I was checking my shop online, email and renew sold orders.

Before I went to bed, I was thinking how many roles do I play from morning till go to bed.

As a mother I get my son ready to school
As a wife I pack up my husband lunch bag
As a daughter help my mother
As a sister gives my company when my sisters need
And finally as an Entrepreneur run the business.

We women are multifaceted.  I’m proud being a woman and enjoy doing my best I can.

7decals -Vinyl Wall Decals Stickers for easy home decoration

When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another. – Helen Keller.

My friends always wonder how I manage my work and my little one.  And they think I'm insane getting up at 4 am for work.  I feel I'm so blessed to have my work and spend my time with my son under the same roof.  I find early morning is very peaceful and my heart is in it. 


I would love to hear what make you feel happy?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Perfect Wallet

New wallet is available in the shop.  Yes, you can customize a perfect wallet to match the Bag organizer.  This wallet is simply perfect to carry for formal evening and keep the busy women organized. 

Magnetic Snap closure to keep your thing safe
2 Zipper compartment pocket to drop the mobile/bill/coins  for easy access.

10 credit card pockets and each pocket can hold more than one card.
3 Long pockets that run the length of the wallet for money, checkbook, passport, coupon, receipts  etc

I used heavy interfacing on the outside fabric to give it structure and lighter interfacing on the lining and pockets for stability. This wallet is approximately 9 inches (4 inches when folded)

Please feel free to contact me for custom order -daffysdream@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New month and New design

Yesterday, my husband asked me when should we collect our son's school uniform and I said, very coolly, its next month --March 10th.  Just then, I realized it is March already and I have to collect the uniform next Sunday.  Oh dear, I cannot believe it is March. 

Ok, Now I need a calendar for March to kick start.  A beautiful green Printable calendar, you can find it from ellinee.com


I'm so excited to share my best selling Bag organizer in new design. If you remember my Organizer categories. This is a combination of Type B and Type D with two divider zipper compartment. Custom made for a lovely customer.

Height: 9” 
Width: 12” 
Depth: 6" 


*Front - 4 elastic pockets of different size and zipper compartment
*Back - 3 pockets and key lobster to keep your keys.
*Sturdy handle for easy transfer from bag to bag
*Elastic side pockets 
*Flap closure with two magnetic snap

*3 elastic pockets each sides

* 2 Zipper compartments in the middle

Now available in my Shop.  Feel free to drop a line at daffysdream@gmail.com for custom request.