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Monday, September 30, 2013

This Month

Well, it's been a good month; busy for sure with school, exams, onam festival, holiday visit from relatives and my work.  I got horribly stuck with blogging in between these schedules; I guess when life becomes busy I forget to do what I really like - little excuse.  Few things what I did during this month.

*Beginning of this month I managed to sew 6 salwars in a row for myself and I remember some of the fabrics were bought last summer. 
*Aryan's best friend moved out to different country; he was slightly upset - now he has moved on and he's making new friends. 
* Sister's get-together (Two generations - mom &sisters + me&sisters)
* Beach walk with cousins
* Road trip to Zoo 
* Kids sleepover  
* Onam festival - amazing!
* Toys exploring
* Trying my hand on Suede fabric
* Visit to my favorite temple in Padi - Did you know Tiruvallesswarar temple is 2000 years old
* Spending time with cousin was nice; it's not very often we meet up  
* Worked on more colors and patterns into my shop
* Nice Chit-chat and catch up with my best friend
* The best part is within this tight schedule; I managed to sleep little longer than usual

Smiling Cow

Whenever we visit the temple; kids love to feed the birds and cow

Sister and brother dressed up traditionally for Onam feast - Having fun

Beach walk

Zoo trip

It's been a month of full speed but all in all I'm enjoyed and blessed.  Hope you too enjoyed this month.