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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Toddler winter hat

Busy time...Just a week to go for Christmas...I know everyone is busy making and buying gifts.I was busy making winter hat for my son.

 He had a good hat last winter kept his head and ears warmer.  He is growing you see.. the old one no longer fits him. I was looking for pattern and they were some many of them, so I decided to make my own.   I made one for him similar to hood with lion face and ear lap with snap.  He didn't allow me to button the ear lap. Anyway it is looking super cute on him.

I 'm planning to make one with bunnies face for my niece in pink fabric.  I will update the tutorial keep looking.

Have good weekend.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

My little boy turned 2

I couldn't update my blog, life has been busy but in good way.  I was spending a quality time with my husband and my son. It was really great and relaxing as well.

Today is my son's birthday, he just turned 2. It seems like just yesterday my little boy was born.   I love my little man, cant believe how soon he is growing.

This what I get when I say smile pleassee....
His birthday gift...

I couldn't do much last two week.  I made this Box pouch long back but lost my photos in some folder finally I found it and i just thought it is great to share with you all

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I love my family!

Yeah...this means a lot to me. My husband was away from the country for a year and half. Finally he is back with us, its wonderful to have him home, into our world.  He is my true love, soul mate and the best thing in my life.  I missed him everyday.

 It was amazing how fast a year and half can go, with technology development i could see him and hear him everyday, I want to say big thanks to Skype. And my little boy Aryan always kept me busy.  

My little man is 2 now, he was so excited about his birthday and cake cutting process. We celebrated Aryan star/zodiac sign birthday and my hubby back together.

How wonderful to see simplest things can bring smile and happiness in me, few of them are here: 
  • When I hold my husband hand.
  • Spending time together with my family - aryan and shashu
  • Drinking morning hot tea made by my mom
  • Walking along the beach shore holding hand with shashu
  • Clean room especially after clearing the toys around the house
  • Eating my favourite dish - Home made food
  • Watching good movie(one of all time favorite "Notebook by Nick Cassavetes") together with my husband (I still remember when my son was few months old we use to enjoy watching movie after putting him to sleep)
  • Having relax time for myself and love to be left alone in my sewing room.
  • when husband and son's cupboard are kept neat and organized.
  • when the bathroom is clean.
  • To see flowers in my plant, my dream to have big garden filled with flowers and grass. 
  • Taking more photograph, lately i fancy photography.
  • After a tired day, I love to see my son going to deep sleep in his warm and cosy bed. 
  • Candlelight dinner and the ambiance. when we were dating we had the best candle light dinner in GRT grandays hotel on diwali.
oh! mine is a never ending list, when I get time i simply going to write 100 things make me happy...
I sure you too have more simple and happy thing in your life, I would love to hear them all.


Monday, November 15, 2010

Favorite choice of green-blue

Have I ever mentioned our family favorite color is green-blue. Mama & papa love green-blue and same with me & hubby.  My all time favorite choices whether its clothes or accessories is green.  I believe green is balance and stability & blue is cool,calm and relax.  

I was waiting for the sun to come out, for good pictures.  This bag is slightly bigger..

With bright blue and lush green look like im in Hawaii land.  The colour is so connecting and refreshing.

I dont know who is the lucky one Im planning to put it in Etsy/Ebay soon...

Sunday, November 14, 2010

More of Diwali Bag

Gosh! I love them, Im adding few more to the collection.  I have some beautiful fabric with lovely combos to make few more pleated bags.  But with my little boy around i spend very less time in sewing. Im pretty sure once his daddy is back im will dedicate more time in my sewing room.

A perfect diwali bag with more of yellow sparkles.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lacing Card

Oh boy! my son can help me with sewing.  Do you remember i spoke about http://www.activityvillage.com/ earlier they have good pictures for lacing card.

Make your own lacing card and help your kids develop their fine motor skills. I found this cute Tiger picture.  I took print and cut them into shape and glued to cardboard. Using the hole punch, about an inch apart punch hole around the edge of the picture. All done, its time to play...

 Believe it; your child will love to play with this.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Diwali Firework Bag

November! a month filled with joy & merrymaking.

It’s Diwali, a festival of lights, a victory of good over evil, and a celebration in return of King Lord Rama. Diwali shines with brighter colors and sparkling crackers. This year diwali weekend was great, we had fun bursting cracker, followed by Saturday a complete day-out and Sunday was a quite day.  It was raining, pouring outside I stayed at home nice and cosy...

I wanted share Diwali sparkling bag with patchwork pleats and embellished with ribbon. I was not sure whether I was waiting for diwali to share this bag with you all but I feel this so apt for the occasion - very colourful with yellow and red design like firework bursting in sky.

Do you agree with the firework?

Superb shape, neatly pleated with different colour and entirely comfortable to carry for day out.

The most important things I love about this bag, it has enough room to carry all your stuff bottle,mobile,pen, make up kit,diary,wallet and still more space...

 With two pocket one side and handy zipper other side and close with magnet snap.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Big and Small Fish

Diwali season is here,and people busy with shopping clothes, decorating home, buying gifts and making sweets... We bought crackers, aryan is all geared up for diwali celebration.  I squeezed in some time for this project.  I found this website very useful to keep the kids busy  www.activityvillage.co.uk/

I took the print out and cut them in shape.  Aryan enjoying playing with fish, he name them, put in and out of the basket.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Penguin treasure bottle

This weekend I have something wonderful to share.  Everyone can try this, it is easy to make and made out of recycle material.  My sister made this treasure bottle for me.
A hallow penguin treasure bottle is made out of recycle material and perfect place to hide or store small valuable things.

Material required:
Plastic Bottle
Newspaper or tissue roll
Plastochem /Glue

Steps :Cut both end(mouth and bottom) of the bottle.
Then wrap one layer of paper around the bottle 
If you are using tissue paper,you can soak the paper in water and add glue and make it like a dough.
Or if you are using the newspaper, shred the paper and soak it overnite and add plastochem to make it in a form of dough.
Once the dough is ready, stick around the bottle, this is the body of the penguin. Leave it overnite to dry.
Make a small ball this is penguin's head. Stick it with glue to the penguin body. Leave it overnite to dry.

Mean while cut beak,hand and feet in cardboard and stick them with glue.

Finally when everything is dry, paint the penguin.

Hope you enjoy making!