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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Penguin treasure bottle

This weekend I have something wonderful to share.  Everyone can try this, it is easy to make and made out of recycle material.  My sister made this treasure bottle for me.
A hallow penguin treasure bottle is made out of recycle material and perfect place to hide or store small valuable things.

Material required:
Plastic Bottle
Newspaper or tissue roll
Plastochem /Glue

Steps :Cut both end(mouth and bottom) of the bottle.
Then wrap one layer of paper around the bottle 
If you are using tissue paper,you can soak the paper in water and add glue and make it like a dough.
Or if you are using the newspaper, shred the paper and soak it overnite and add plastochem to make it in a form of dough.
Once the dough is ready, stick around the bottle, this is the body of the penguin. Leave it overnite to dry.
Make a small ball this is penguin's head. Stick it with glue to the penguin body. Leave it overnite to dry.

Mean while cut beak,hand and feet in cardboard and stick them with glue.

Finally when everything is dry, paint the penguin.

Hope you enjoy making!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabric Numbers

Aryan love looking through  the books, I made a routine to get books for him.  Now it is his hobby after looking once he tears and rips all the pages.  I always insist to respect book.  When we were kids we worshiped book on durga pooja.  I stick the pages back but not much use, he tears it again.
Yesterday morning I had heart attack when he was almost in the process of tearing my book. I jumped to save my book.  Then I thought the fabric book, numbers and alphabets will be ideal for him. I finished fabric numbers last night.  I had some extra dish sponge, so i cut them in layer and stencil the numbers in pencil and cut them in shape.  Place the sponge in between the scrap fabric and sew them together like a sandwich.  Final touch of zigzag stitch around the edges.

He like it and we had lot of fun playing with them. As per his creativity, No 7 was his gun, No 8 was his glass,  No 2 was his bird with beak. Now I am happy that they cannot be ripped, advantage is that I can wash them.

Hope you all enjoy making them.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yet another bag.

Yes, yet another bag of same pattern. This is a plain simple bag, boat or ship shape whatever you like to call it.

I didn't use the bead neither recessed zippper.

I was so much love with this fabric but its was less than half a yard.  Less to make different pattern. 

I love the colour combination.   

Friday, October 22, 2010

Good start with a bag

After the last weekend holiday I'm back to the routine of unpacking bag, putting back the things,  cleaning ,washing and running behind aryan.  Finally I got a chance to sit down and sew, I love to sew and have so much of fun making things, especially after a holiday I love to start with bag. 

I saw aryan playing with his little boat, i thought for a while.  Then I started constructing my bag shape, I have see the same kind of bag with few of my friends.  This is a very simple pattern and handy shoulder bag.

I choose red fabric for the bag.  I found a suitably matching cotton in my stash to use as the lining. I added recess zipper to the bag. And embellished with a pure white bead. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quite Book

Hello everyone, this past weekend we went to God's own country - Kerala, it was the best.   The land with richest green natural beauty.  The land of backwaters and beaches. Its great fun to be with bunch of friends.  We played in river (bharathapuzha) and ate good home food.

 Before we went to Ottapalam, I made a Quite book to keep aryan busy in the train. This was our first train journey. I always wanted to sew a quite book for him, but never invested the time. It took much more time than I thought, I spend more than one week to make the complete book (8 pages). After aryan went to sleep,almost every night I used to sew.

I have been browsing online for quite book ideas.  I had lot of fun making it.

Isnt it super cute...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

M seal artwork

OMG! I haven’t blogged for a while, I’m happy to be back to the place I love, I dream, I make things I like, I meet my cheerful friends. My life is an emotional roller coaster with my little boy skin problem and husband being away from the country. Oh I don’t want to sound like this neither I do want to edit anything. When Im tired and stressed I don’t want to speak anything. When I write my blog I want to be like sanguine child, very bubbly. Yeah like a spring season filled with yellow sunshine and bright color flowers everywhere, life in everything.  I can't say how much Im ecstatic with the heavy support and love from my friends. I dont know from where I read this beautiful line but I remember it very well

"Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget"

I have more to say but I'll save this for another day. Ok, let me share what I received from my sister.  I bought a plain and cheap tea cup a while ago. My sister made a beautiful Mseal craft on it. 

  • She mixed the white and black part of M-seal. 
  • When it turn grey roll and make the shape. 
  • Let it dry for a day and then use fabric to paint it.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Toddler purse

While I was cleaning I found this fabric which is one of my favorite fabric stash. I was so love with this fabric had multiple craft in my mind. Since the fabric was less than 1/2yard I thought its a great idea to make little girl purse. This was really easy and quick to sew and I'm happy the way it turned out. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Box pouch Part II

I really love the look of the zippered box pouch made for my niece They look cute and can be used for multipurpose(makeup bag,pencil case,toiletry bag,travel bag...)

I was going mad stitching different size box pouch, I couldn't take my hand off the sew machine.