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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabric Numbers

Aryan love looking through  the books, I made a routine to get books for him.  Now it is his hobby after looking once he tears and rips all the pages.  I always insist to respect book.  When we were kids we worshiped book on durga pooja.  I stick the pages back but not much use, he tears it again.
Yesterday morning I had heart attack when he was almost in the process of tearing my book. I jumped to save my book.  Then I thought the fabric book, numbers and alphabets will be ideal for him. I finished fabric numbers last night.  I had some extra dish sponge, so i cut them in layer and stencil the numbers in pencil and cut them in shape.  Place the sponge in between the scrap fabric and sew them together like a sandwich.  Final touch of zigzag stitch around the edges.

He like it and we had lot of fun playing with them. As per his creativity, No 7 was his gun, No 8 was his glass,  No 2 was his bird with beak. Now I am happy that they cannot be ripped, advantage is that I can wash them.

Hope you all enjoy making them.

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  1. Now we have the key - Aru is the key to your creativitiy :) He does one kurumbu, u arrive at an innovative way to handle it ;) Good Good!


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