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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My first Shirt sewing attempt

Happy Tuesday everyone!  

I finished my household chores (vacuum, laundry, vessel in sink) and finally thought I should share my first attempt of sewing Shirt.   I was thrilled when I decide to make shirt and very happy the way it turned out, better than what I thought.  After sewing my clothes for so long, I was always scared to try boy's shirt. But I couldn't believe how quickly I could sew this little man's shirt! Joining collar to back bodice was a little tricky; otherwise the whole shirt was faster to sew.

I made my pattern from one of his shirts; it had 3pattern pieces- front and back bodice and the sleeve which made it easier to sew.   Oh and I can’t forget to mention the trial and error during the process.  I traced the pattern on the fabric.  However it hit me at a somewhat awkward shoulder line.  I decided that it was one of place that in need of altering and corrected few measurements around shoulder and collar.

I love this checked fabric from my stash laying there for long. I gave my best shot; and now ready to wear in public.  I love the finished creation; it was not bad for first attempt.   

After a lovely weekend we were on our way back home.  It was beautiful sunny afternoon I took these photos inside the car. Aryan was busy playing with his puppies.

Anyway Aryan loved his full hand shirt! Isn't he looks cute.

So what was your first attempt sewing project? Did it turn out better than what you thought? 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lunch bag - Custom make and gifting.

This month has been lined up with family birthdays – mom, husband, niece...  I was working on lunch bag pattern for my niece and one of my customers approached for a lunch bag as well.  So I made small and large size lunch bag. I really like this pattern, because it is easily expand to hold more one water bottle and boxes. 

It includes a Velcro strap inside; by attaching the strap the bag collapse from 15" to 11".  Double straps to even the weight. Magnetic snap closure on the flap. 

Approx measurement:
Large -  15" width x 11" height x 6" depth
Small -    13" width x 9 "height x 6" depth

A nice lunch bag makes it all easier to lug healthy meal. This stylish bag will give a sophisticate look with extra space and comfortable to carry with any casual dress.  

This bag will be nice little gift to someone.  

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gifting - Mom's birthday

Look what I made for my mom’s birthday.  Another fabulous coalesce wallet. She's the woman who I respect and love the most, and therefore very worth the effort.  

This is slightly large version of Coalesce wallet (9.5”x5"). I designed the size and layout to accommodate her check book and glass.  She absolutely loved the pattern and fabric combo.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Breakfast Salad - Rich and Fresh

Step aside, Today I tried something new recipe for breakfast.  Chickpeas taste amazing and low in fat.  Oh, I know with these delicious chickpea, amount of recipes you can come up are endless.   This breakfast salad is a marvellously fresh with flavor of fresh mint & lemon and high protein chickpeas.  Effort to put together is less than 5mins.


Chickpea boiled and drained -1/2 cup
Fresh Lime juice 1 tsp
Fresh mint chopped 1 tsp
Extra- virgin olive oil 1tsp
Garlic chopped & saute in olive oil 1 pod
Crushed red pepper
Salt to taste

In a salad bowl, whisk the lime juice, mint, olive oil, garlic, red pepper and salt.  Now toss the chickpeas cover and allow to settle the taste for about 20-30 mins.

Fresh breakfast salad is ready to serve...  Enjoy!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Coalesce Tri-fold Wallet

I have been working hard on this new pattern - Coalesce Trifold Wallet. This custom order was created for Gangapriya.  I love creating new pattern based on customer's need.  The process of making this wallet was a brain storming session.  I did lot of re-sketching and redrafting.  And I verily love this wonderful Coalesce wallet.  This is designed for a woman who likes to carry important things with them.   Trifold unique wallet is pretty small to slip into your bag but practical enough to carry all important things.

The wristlet strap is long enough for your hand/arm to easily slip through and the lobster clasp can unhook and be strapped to other side of wallet thus creating a versatile strap. Your key is safe on the key holder.

pocket with Velcro closure in back to drop your mobile.  And a zipper compartment to keep bills or coins for easy access. 

11 credit card pockets and each pocket can hold more than one card.

2 Long pockets that run the length of the wallet for money, checkbook, passport, coupon, receipts etc. 

In the middle of the wallet there are 3 pockets for mobile, paper, lip pencil.

A replaceable 5"x3" note pad and pen slip in pocket. So you have paper ready at your convenience to make grocery list/Do-list.  

Well! don't you agree it's a perfect all-in-one wallet.  Coalesce tri-fold wallet is designed to have everything you need ready and organized that will hold all your on-the-go needs.

I hope Gangapriya you are happy with your custom order and thanks again.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bag organizer - Choose best for you

Well! On demand; few additional enhancements to the best selling Bag organizer.  
Additional features:
* Extra three pockets in front - Mobile, Make up,Tissue
* Two pockets in the sides - Perfume, Bottle
* Three pockets inside the organizer.

The organizer is fully interfaced for sturdy structure and high quality fabric enable to stand upright. This help your purse stay organized. 

Height: 5” 
Width: 9..5” 
Depth: 4.5" 

Front - 3 pockets of mobile size 
Back - Zipper pocket and key lobster to keep your keys.
Back - 3 pockets  
Sturdy handle for easy transfer from bag to bag
2 Side pockets 

Three pockets one side
Three pockets other side
Zipper compartment in the middle
Once you try these you won't be able to use anything else!  This purse organizer holds everything in its place, and can be easily transferred from bag to bag so nothing is left behind. This make a wonderful gift to a friend or mom.
I do offer custom order and I can this bag organizer in different dimension or color.  If you are, interested please contact at daffysdream@gmail.com

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wong's inspiring creation

I'm so excited to welcome Wong from Petitekids here today.  Her shop is classic charm of kid's collection.  I really enjoyed getting to know her and happy to share about her work.

                                                   Introducing guest from Malaysia - Wong 

Tell us something about you and your country

I am Wong. I am from Malaysia, a place where you can find multicultural and multiracial people living harmoniously. Since young I was exposed to many different people and cultures, which I find now one of the sources of inspiration for my creations.

What do you create?

I design and write sewing patterns for children clothing. I started sewing when my daughter was born, and from there I slowly developed the interest to create PDF patterns to share my passion and knowledge with others who have the same interest.

Why do you create?

I started sewing for my daughter when I found that it is always troublesome to find the exact clothing that suits her. I started looking for tutorials and from there I learnt the skills to sew, and it didn't take long for it to become my passion. My sewing passion soon evolved into designing and writing instructions for beginner seamstress. 

Do you sell your creations? If so, how? Where? And is it profitable?

I do sell my PDF patterns and Instructions in my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Petitekids, and occasionally take in custom orders.   

What mistakes have you made or lessons you have learned in your crafting?

When I just started, I was anxious to see results, but then I realized I will have to be patient and slowly build my client base. Being impatient will only add stress to myself and that does not help in creating. 

What, to you is success? Have you achieved it yet, or are you on your way towards success?

I have not really thought of what success is. I just love to see my creations and designs worn on happy little kids. Seeing my customers smile is my biggest achievement. Being able to share my passion with mothers that would like to make something for their kids is my best motivation. 
 So what's next?

I will be expanding my designs to include fashion for boys. I would also like to learn more new sewing techniques that I can include in my designs.

Thanks for your lovely answers Wong and for sharing your beautiful work with us!

Do go and visit shop and check out more of her wonderful creations! https://www.facebook.com/petitekids

Friday, July 6, 2012

Beach Tote bag

It's nice and sunny out here and great to take a walk in beach. 

Did I tell you I love making new pattern?.  It was fun to mix and match the color.  
This is perfect tote bag to beach, gym or pool.  It is big enough to carry two towels and your entire daily essential.  

With its attractive color mix, it looks pretty stylish and trendy.  I have added long double handle for easy to carry weight.

For more details please check out my Shop

Thursday, July 5, 2012

2nd Blogiversary

Today I'm excited to celebrate Second anniversary of Daffysdream.  It's been an amazing journey.  I’m absolutely in love with blogging

Crystal Studded Heart with Dangle Initial Cake Topper by Crosswire Design LLC from ETsy 

I am thankful to all my commenter’s and followers who have always encouraged me with their valuable comments, feedback, acknowledgement and contribution.