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Friday, July 27, 2012

Lunch bag - Custom make and gifting.

This month has been lined up with family birthdays – mom, husband, niece...  I was working on lunch bag pattern for my niece and one of my customers approached for a lunch bag as well.  So I made small and large size lunch bag. I really like this pattern, because it is easily expand to hold more one water bottle and boxes. 

It includes a Velcro strap inside; by attaching the strap the bag collapse from 15" to 11".  Double straps to even the weight. Magnetic snap closure on the flap. 

Approx measurement:
Large -  15" width x 11" height x 6" depth
Small -    13" width x 9 "height x 6" depth

A nice lunch bag makes it all easier to lug healthy meal. This stylish bag will give a sophisticate look with extra space and comfortable to carry with any casual dress.  

This bag will be nice little gift to someone.  


  1. Nice to see your creations expanding based on customer's needs :)

  2. super chechi...chechi oru orange button a black cover il fit cheytaal engine undakum..

  3. Thank you ladies!

    Soumya: next time sure oru button undakalm


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