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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bag organizer - Choose best for you

Well! On demand; few additional enhancements to the best selling Bag organizer.  
Additional features:
* Extra three pockets in front - Mobile, Make up,Tissue
* Two pockets in the sides - Perfume, Bottle
* Three pockets inside the organizer.

The organizer is fully interfaced for sturdy structure and high quality fabric enable to stand upright. This help your purse stay organized. 

Height: 5” 
Width: 9..5” 
Depth: 4.5" 

Front - 3 pockets of mobile size 
Back - Zipper pocket and key lobster to keep your keys.
Back - 3 pockets  
Sturdy handle for easy transfer from bag to bag
2 Side pockets 

Three pockets one side
Three pockets other side
Zipper compartment in the middle
Once you try these you won't be able to use anything else!  This purse organizer holds everything in its place, and can be easily transferred from bag to bag so nothing is left behind. This make a wonderful gift to a friend or mom.
I do offer custom order and I can this bag organizer in different dimension or color.  If you are, interested please contact at daffysdream@gmail.com


  1. Completely girl-friendly make of yours :) Way to go Daffy :)

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