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Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Edible Garden

Today, as I was browsing through I found this website
www.cookingandme.com titled Edible Garden. I think everyone should start an “Edible garden”, as the price of vegetables and fruits going through the roof.

My mom has a beautiful edible garden. Lack of space didn't stop her, she successfully grew dwarf varieties of fruit trees in containers. She has a wonderful combination of ornamental vegetables. After last night rain they looked beautiful.

Oh! how much I love these white flowers..

Oops! my nail I didn't realise when I took this photo.. I think it's time for Pedicure...

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  1. Completely agree! own garden space and plang your day with fresh vegies - wow!:) but most I liked the last note on the need for pedicure:)) LOL - girls!


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