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Saturday, July 2, 2011

New month with new inspiration- Jewel

My inspiration for this month is Jewel making... Did you ever know why women love jewel???

Is it wearing jewel make them feel good or social status or pretty.... varies from women to women.

I believe its an beautiful art; enhances the beauty of women. 

When I was kid I was allergic to metal, gold only suits my skin.  Unfortunately school rule does not allow children to wear even gold ear studs.  I had hard-time piercing my ear more than thrice because of sensitive skin.  I admire all sort of jewels but when it comes to wear jewel; I was restricted to few types.

Being Keralite its traditional to buy and give gold jewel to daughter during marriage.  After my marriage I never remember wearing my gold jewel for different occasions.  I admire gold jewel but really don't fancy wear them daily.  After my son's birth my sudden love to wear jewel have increased...(pregnancy hormone after effect...hhahah).  Unlucky me again because of my son's sensitive skin problem I couldn't wear anything which will aggravate his eczema.

During our last holiday to Kerala, myself and my sister in law went shopping the beads, jewel making tools and other materials.  Finally on 1st July I made my first project in jewel,  an anklets with crystal and golden beads.

This is my second project an beautiful necklace with black,red,golden mixing beads... I had a matching dollar to match with necklace.

Did you ever get tired doing the same routine??? Why not try something new???

I love to hear what inspired you this month...


  1. Gorgeous, Daffy! Your patterns are so pretty. I love those black and red crystal beads!

  2. beautiful! hope 2 take a look in person :) The idea of jewels sounds interesting... looking fwd to some innovative designs done using innovative materials.

    My inspiration are all those good drivers on the road:) boosting myself to take out the car more often; so that we have more drivers for our drives & outings too :)

  3. Those beads are just gorgeous!! Great work!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success


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