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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Refashion Tube tank to Bow & button lace top

I had this tube tank for long, I wore it few times.  I decided its time to refashion the tube tank.  Here we go tube tank to lace top embellished with bow and button.

Remove the elastic from the tank so it is easy to work around.
The tube tank is ready for refashion.

Material required:

1 Tube tank
1/3 yard Lace
1/3 yard Matching lining fabric
Sewing marker
Bias tape
Matching thread and button.
Scissor, cutter,measuring tape (I think rest you know)

If I don't have the pattern ready, this is how I go-about cutting the bodice part. I'm not a professional, I did this from the scratch.  Other method is if you have tank top probably you can trace the pattern and cut off directly.

First measure the bodice part (from the shoulder till 2" above the armpit) to attach to the tube tank.   Cut the matching lining fabric 16"x16" and lay down on your table or on cutting mat.

Now fold the fabric from the left side as below.

Then fold the fabric from the top to bottom.

Your are ready to cut the armpit.  Remember to mark 2" above the armpit because when you sew the bodice to tube tank the sleeve will curve down slightly to the tube tank.
Mark the arm and cut off
Armpit is ready, open the fold and mark the front and back neckline. Now cut the neckline.

Your bodice part is ready, use this as a pattern to cut your lace bodice.  Pin it on the lace and cut away.

Your lace and the matching lining fabric bodice is ready
Attach the bias tape along the neckline
Sew it neatly. Your lace bodice part is ready
Because you are going to attach the sleeve separately to the tube tank, the sleeve from the lace bodice part will curve down slightly to the tube tank. So cut the 2" armpit curve from the tube tank.

Your tube tank should look like this.  Hope you understand why we measure the bodice part 2" above the armpit.
Pin the bodice right sides together with the tube tank and sew with 1/4” seam allowance.Take care not to sew the wrong sides.

And turn the right side out.
Cut the arm from the lace.  If you want sleeveless well then sew the bias tap along the arm and your armhole is ready.
Now sew the arm to the lace top. Wow! the lace top look beautiful, hold on there is more to come. I'm too excited to see the final result.
Cut 3"x3"square from the lace

Place your fingers apart on the lace and bring it closer, so the lace fold like this.
Using the needle and matching thread stitch at the center to keep it secure
Lovely bow or butterfly you call it.
Take your lace top, measure from the center and using the sewing marker mark three spots from the bodice till the bottom of the top
Now the lovely bow is ready to be sewn along with the flower button to lace top.
Sew it tight to keep the bow and button close

Your pretty top lace is done.

Hope you like my beautiful tops with cute bow&button.  Please let me know if you have tried this...
Love to hear your comments...


  1. So pretty! Much more wearable than a tube top!

  2. Very nice top and what an amazing sewing job. Love it.

  3. I'll wowed by how you transformed the pink tube. Makes me wish I had learnt dressmaking from my mom.

  4. Wow, this looks so beautiful and easy to make! Thanks for sharing!

  5. That is impressive and soooo cute! Great job! I am visiting from Making the World Cuter and I am a new follower! I hope you have a great week and I see you around soon!!

  6. Beautiful! such work behind that nice tops ha :) hey, i too have a pink tshirt that i wld like to redesign :) kp this in ur pipeline :)

  7. Great job! I replied to your earlier comment...Feel free to link up more at Sew Chic Upcycling Week! :)

  8. Love the lace embellishments!
    Jenny- Seamingly Smitten

  9. really loved it thanks!!!


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