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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

100things for my 100th post

My blog has finally made it to 100th post today!! I wanted to celebrate something special. Oh yeah...it’s time to toast Wine. I genuinely appreciate your support and look forward to do more celebrations with you in the future.

After a lot of thought process how to make this post special.  I decided to go post 100things about me. So today is the Day when you will come to know about me a bit more.

1.      Hi my name is K Priya and Daffy is my nickname given by my husband.

2.      I always had nick name wherever I go (home, school, college, office, roommates...)

3.      I was a total tomboy growing up.  Sometime, I still am

4.      I’m 5.1feet tall

5.      We three sisters were born in January and we are very close to each other.

6.      I have the best parents in the world and my mom is my best friend.

7.      I believe in karma – everything happens for a reason

8.      I like practicing reiki and yoga, I wish I could continue everyday...

9.      I’m very adaptable person to event or people- makes my life easier

10.  I speak my mind, some people find me harsh

11.  I like to organise things. It relaxes me.

12.  I kind of make do-list for everything.

13.  With my husband I get very emotional - my tears are uncontrollable

14.  I love tea anytime of the day.

15.  I love Nando's chicken rather than Big Mac/KFC

16.  Best dessert anytime is Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream topping.

17.  Seafood is my favorite dish.

18.  I love to cook, eat and try something new

19.  I love yogurt and stuff made with yogurt

20.  I love to eat butter and cheese way too much

21.  I’m fast eater, not chewing food properly.  I used to go crazy at time when I see people eat slowly.  Now I realized the goodness and working on it to be a slow eater.

22.  I always thought how people eat baked potato, later when I tried jacket potato with bean and cheese.  Wow! I enjoyed eating it; but still I don’t like mashed potato

23.  I love traveling... Venice, Switzerland and Goa are places I like to travel again.

24.  I love planning trips - holidays, weekends away and road trip.   I like planning detailed itineraries. Best I enjoyed one I made for Switzerland

25.  We had to drop our travel to Caribbean island; because I was pregnant.  Waiting to make one in future

26.  My favourite colour is green

27.  White and red flower attracts me the most

28.  I like polka dots

29.  I love the smell of earth when it rains.

30.  I love to have a sea facing dream house with big garden.

31.  Speaking about gardening, anywhere I go I find myself coming back with small plant, seed or at least stem.

32.  Green plants and blue sea make me relax/calm. 

33.  I’m scared of blood. When I was a kid I had to get my blood tested, I fainted right after they pulled the needle out.  And today I take my little boy for his vaccination.

34.  I was scared to go to or visit someone in hospital, but during my pregnancy most of time I went by myself for check-up

35.  I used to get scared when I hear snoring  

36.  I can’t see scary movie alone

37.  I use to have a terrible fear of public speaking but I could dance and enact skit.

38.  I hate being late and I hate when people make me wait.

39.  My husband, my sisters and my Mom are very creative people – paint, craft, and sewing.

40.  I can’t sing, but love to hear someone sing.  Will you believe it I don’t know even a single song with full lyrics.

41.  I made my husband to sing my favorite song on the beach shore around 1pm peak summer afternoon (crazy thing).

42.  When I was dating my husband, we would talk whole night over phone & our bill used to cost us a fortune

43.  My First candle light dinner with my boyfriend (my husband now) was at Copperpoint in GRT.

44.  I love evening beach walks and our first dating was by the beach.

45.  I love the beach. I especially love sitting in the warm sand, watching the waves and walking on the shore.

46.  I drive my husband crazy almost every day, but I just can’t be without him around me.

47.  I love going for long drive especially when the weather is pleasant

48.  I love to eat hot pakoda and sleep when it is raining.

49.  I was bitten by a dog when I was a kid, left with just a scare and nothing series.   Since then I’m scared of dog.

50. I love the smell of nail polish 

51.  I never believed in love marriage (though not against it).  Finally when it happened ours was love marriage.

52.  I fell down the first day I learned to ride the bike.  Almost got 4 stitches on my feet, doctor took out broken glass piece from under my feet.

53.  When I was 10years old I broke my left incisor- I remember running and getting tangled up in my long dress and finally tripped over

54.  I adore my Honda bike. I bought my bike with my own saving.

55.  I’ve been involved in two bike accidents, although neither was my fault

56.  I love watching movies like Note book, Taken, Green mile, Life is beautiful

57.  I always prefer to read the book before watching the film.

58.  I like fashion which is elegant and classic

59.  I like Zara, Next, New-look collection of clothes.

60.  I like to try different new and creative things like cooking, crafting, hairstyling, jewel making, rangoli etc

61.  I am not a night person, by default I get up early can’t sleep later than 9am

62.  I never agreed with my parents in marrying a man over 3years elder to me, but I fell in love with my sweetheart who is 6years elder to me.

63.  Both I and my husband have big collection of watches.

64.  I have a great collection of earring and love to match up with my dress.

65.  I’m scared to pierce my ear, unfortunately when I was little kid I had to pierce 4 times because I used to get infected often.

66.  I always wanted to learn Veena but never got chance and patience.

67.  I enjoy photography, beginning to learn new stuffs

68.  I had a miscarriage in my first pregnancy.  Though it was physically and mentally draining I got over it.

69.  I fell down when I was three months into my 2 nd pregnancy, I was scared but then I figured everything was ok

70.  Me and my husband wanted a girl baby

71.  I learned how blessed I was to get a little adorable boy.

72.  Mine was a normal delivery and didn’t take any sort of painkiller. 

73.  I tried hard to get centum in Accounts but I scored centum in Statistics. 

74.  I still drop things and spill things

75.  I don’t have sweet tooth, but I can’t stop eating sugar cotton candy

76.  Can’t remember all the books I have read.  My favorites are Gone with the wind, Fountain head, We the living

77.  I started working while I was in my third year of college and I worked until one week before my son’s birth.

78.  Now being a SAHM(stay at home mom), I love playing with my boy and crafting

79.  I had fun going to party, clubbing, social get together but right now I love to stay at home almost all day with my family

80.  I have danced in school competition, college and office as well. I admire the dance shows.

81.  I love my hair and like to try different hair style (cutting, coloring, perming, relaxing,)

82.  I like to be in a spa for one whole day relaxing (massage, facial, manicure, pedicure)

83.  I like wearing saris. I have a collection of saris.

84.  I’m terrified by lizard even if it is a baby lizard. I hate their texture...

85.  I love being in water.  I wanted to have water pool birth for my son but it was too uncomfortable.

86.  I love swimming, but I can’t swim.  Hoping to learn one day.  Every time when we go to the pool I try to float.

87.  My dream job is to have a studio for my creative work and teach people to explore their creative side.

88.  I was terrible at history but I liked my history teacher she was too good at heart

89.  I’m not good at learning a new language.

90.  When I was in college I had a friend who had many things in common with me. Her name too was K Priya, her birthday was 4Th of Jan while mine was 5Th of Jan, she was also the second child in her family, and she also had an elder sister and a younger sister.  Believe it or not for Convocation day we ended up wearing same saree( colour and pattern) without planning.

91.  I love London I lived there for 3 year –London underground railway system is great.

92.  My first pet was 2 goldfish my husband gifted for our wedding anniversary.  We named them daffy and shashu as per our nickname. When one fish died I cried a lot

93.  I’m obsessed with handbags! I love to go on handbag shopping.

94.  I hate people who try to pretend like someone else.  Why act like someone else? why can’t you be your own?

95.  I’ve no tattoos , I like to have one but scared of the pain

96.  I’m very picky about friends I choose

97.  I get turned off  by people who has bad dressing sense

98.  I rarely remember my dreams after I wake up

99.  I can’t whistle I always try to do

100. Sometimes things I dream about come true.

I wonder how many people actually read through my entire list. If you did, leave me a comment. I’d love to thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better.



  1. Congrats da on this milestone! But ofcourse I read it... more inquisitive to find things that I didn't know about you :) some common likings with mine such as reading, eating sugar cotton candy (panju mittai), a house facing beach with garden; Some new things about you like ur dream job,not liking lizard :) Good writeup to mark 100th blog! Keep going :)

  2. Hey Priya...a good one...As I read through there was a sense of inquisitiveness to know you better and better! You are such an open person! Be the same always..you rock!

  3. I read them all. Thanks for sharing so much and congratulations on your 100th post.

  4. Thanks you so much for taking time, nice of you all.


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