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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Love making Ruffles

I love ruffle and frill .  I think ruffle add beauty to everything whether its dress or bag or pillow or rug. Especial ruffle on dress look perfect for any occasion and creates that soft feminine touch.

If you try making ruffle you might be surprise to learn that its much easier than you think. They are different way to make ruffle.

1.Very simple and easy: Take a long strip of fabric 4 inch width, first hem one long edge of the fabric before ruffling the opposite side. This is a most popular method; stitch large stitches along the edges keep it as straight as possible. Once done lift the foot presser and cut the threads long. Hold the fabric in one hand and pull the top thread which the needle thread. As you pull the thread slide the fabric further and further. Important ensure the thread doesn’t break. So you get even gather of ruffles. For the double side ruffle you do the stitch in the middle of the strip so you get the ruffle both end.

 2.Elastic ruffle: This is a quicker method of creating ruffle on fabric. Place the elastic on the fabric and keep the presser foot on elastic. First make couple stitch so the elastic stays on the fabric. Slightly tug as you stitch don’t pull hard. The real challenge is keep stitch straight on the elastic even as you tug the elastic. Elastic make the ruffle even and perfect.

3. Ruffle with finger: This method need little practise. Place your hand on material, spread the fingers apart and then pull them close together. So you can find the fabric is trap between each finger. You can make fairly even ruffles. Or you can make a fold, pin it in place, and press with an iron and then sew each pleat down.

4. Ruffler presser foot: A Ruffler Attachment is a special presser foot. It will ruffle the fabric as you sew it, keeping the ruffle perfectly even. This type of foot is available at your sewing machine dealer.

 Hope you also like them and I inspired you too to make ruffles.  


  1. My 5-year-old adores anything with ruffles. I think she just may be a girl after your heart. :)

  2. Another trick that should work for you is adjusting your straight stitch to the longest it'll go and then putting your machine at it's highest tension. This automatically causes whatever you're stitching to become ruffled and it is SO easy!



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