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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy things!

Hope you all had good weekend. 

I started this blog like anyone else two months ago.  Today I feel pretty special as my work is featured on


Thanks for the feature Stephanie Lynn that means a world to me.

Good things to start with... 

1. I always love Tea, I find any or every excuse to grab a cup. 11o' clock tea break and 4o'clock snack time is my favorite. Its funny when we were kids my dad brought lot of savories.  My mom used to serve with hot tea @ 4pm - family time. yum :-)

Kozhukatta is very easy to make and serve it with tea.

Ready to serve:  In bowl add 1 cup coconut, sugar and 1 tsp cardamom/cumin mix them well and keep aside.  In another bowl, put 1cup of rice flour, salt and add hot water little by little. Make a soft dough. Take small portion and roll them and keep the coconut stuffing inside and close it. Now ready to steam them for 10-15mins. 

This is my favorite snack when I was pregnant I ate vadai every alternative day.


Soak 1cup dal and 1/2cup rice in water and leave it for 4 hrs. Grind to make a paste with little water. Grind 1/2tsp peppercorn separately and mix it. Now add 1 chopped onion,2 green chilies and salt and make it like a batter. Heat the oil in pan, take small portions of the batter, in ball-like shape and deep-fry til they turn golden brown.

2. Love my bag with satin feel.

I think all other women love bag like me. when I was make this pattern I draw the pattern so many times on the paper to make it perfect.  This is how I pictured it in my head. It came out more gorgeous than I thought. My sister has fallen in love with it.


  1. hey thats from prisi's tops right :) lady u never fail to keep me in AWE :)

  2. Thanks Sri,I will make special one for you.


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