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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fab Do-List Holder!

Yesterday when I walked into the room i found a cardboard lying in the corner. I kept it aside thinking its useful for many things.  Yeah many things...like every usual mom million things in my head. Million other task to do throughout the day.  Finally i tend to forget the most important thing.  So I decided to make a 'Do list' fits into my hand bag. I can carry with me at all times and hang it anywhere.

Recycle material:

Old Cardboard
Old Calender/Recycle paper
Two scrap fabric
  Fabric A
  Fabric B
Knife or scissor
Matching thread to sew.

Lets start with Recycling calender
I used old calender,they are very useful as backside of the calender is blank. Why not use it again, usually i keep them for my son for scribbling and painting.

I cut 5"x 8" paper for the notebook, you can staple them.
Cut a Fabric B 2"x 7" long strip, I folded the raw edge about 1/4" and sew both the end.(if you like you can just glue them directly to the header of the notebook.)
Now spread the layer of glue on wrong side of the stripe and place the header of notebook on it and press the fabric on two side together. 
One inch below the header sew long stitch without thread in the sewing machine.  So you can easily tear off the paper.

Notebook is ready. keep them aside.

Do-list Holder:
Cut the cardboard 6"x9" . Make hole on the top-center of the cardboard. Each hole are one inch apart.

You can just glue the fabric on the cardboard if you like.Im a person avoid sticky hands and prefer the neat work both side of cardboard.
Cut the Fabric A 13"x11.5" to sew like a pocket/tote, first fold the bottom of the fabric
Now fold fabric again into half, rightside facing each other sew the raw edge.
Turn right side out and insert the cardboard carefully into the pocket/tote and handsew the bottom.
Cut  Fabric B 1.5"x2" long stripe, fold the raw edge and sew.

Insert the strip slow through the fabric(make small hole in fabric) and cardboard.
Put a knot on the back. So you can hang it anywhere.

Fold behind the top raw edge of the fabric pocket and handsew.  So the knots are covered under the fold.

Cut Fabric B 7"x7" pocket for notebook.  Fold over all four raw edges and sew.
Cut  Fabric A 3"x 6" stripe for pen pocket and sew all four side(like the pic below).
Sew the pen pocket stripe on the fabric B on leftside or rightside of your choice.


Place the note book pocket on the front of the card board holder (as shown above).
Ensure rightside of the fabric up and place it  3" down from the top.Now folded up the corners, then glued the sides and then finally the bottom.  Don't pull it too tight, leave the pocket a little loose to slip in the note pad.

Now the DO list holder is ready you can slip the notebook into the pocket.

Yeah you can hang it anywhere and carry it you every where.
Isn't fabulous recycling?

Are you ready to try some recycling now...


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  17. So nice! You made a wonderful project and a REALLY wonderful tutorial. Great photographs and instructions. I love anything recycled, thank you for the great ideas.


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