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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pincushion Organiser

Oh yes, I remember my promise and managed to take few pictures of weighted pincushion organizer . I had purchased red fabric from Waves awhile ago. There were bits and pieces laying in my cupboard. As I said earlier Elizabeth Hartman is a clever women, I adore her ideas and fabric combos (www.ohfransson.com). She has come up with this wonderful weighted pincushion organiser for Sew, Mama, Sew.   I made two of them - Red & Black. 

My favorite is bag.The Pincushion have flannel weight bags of uncooked rice inside.  I filled it with some pebbles.


The instruction for weighted pincushion organiser is here free PDF Download 

Likes: I liked the fact that its a complete kit to store pin,needles,scissors,measuring tape and messy threads.  You can set them on sewing table or armchair because of the weight.Nice to carrier around with all your sew stuff.

Dislike:  I messed up with the red scrap bag, it was not stiff enough,then corrected my mistake when I made the black scrap bag. 
I have to add more pebble to the weight bag to store my big scissors

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  1. This is real good Pupes :) Next time I am gonna ask you show me all of this - be ready :)


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