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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Something for me.

I sewed some dresses for me. I was thinking to do this for long; but it happened only now.  I managed to find time to create and sew for others whether it's bag or handmade gifts or craft for my son.  But when it comes for me I'm too lazy; keep posting my task.  Well finally I found time for myself and managed to do two of them.

I bought this skirt in September and it was lying in the cupboard neatly folded because I couldn't find a nice top.  When I was clean my studio before Diwali, I digged through my stash and found this lovely coffee brown silk cotton fabric .  It has nice shinning  finish and matches my skirt.  I add shining lace around the neck to match the skirt border.

I find it very easy to sew for me.  I try to stick on to simple pattern and daily wearable. In totally it took me 45mins for cutting and sewing during my son nap time.  I try to finish it before aryan got up. Its still raining here and day looks dull, I managed to take this photo with little lighting. 

I added white lace to neck first, then ended up adding the lace at the bottom as well.  I think it looks nice with the lace.  I have too more fabric to sew.

What did you sew???


  1. beautiful top. Esp the brown one it looks really nice with the skirt:)

  2. These tunics are lovely! I am impressed that you were able to sew the whole thing during your son's nap. You should sew for yourself more often, especially since you can complete a project in such a timely fashion! I also sew for everyone else and forget myself, so today I am making myself some slippers :-)

  3. thank you ChezVies. Brown turn out well matches my skirt which i was waiting for long.

    Thanks folkhaven,as you said I should sew more often for myself...

  4. hey daffy, gud 2 c u blog after a long gap... actually, I was missing this :) amidst everything, its great to see you do this & for yourself! Brown top with skirt goes great! but you know that I love the blue one equally - good lace work!


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