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Monday, November 7, 2011

Kids shorts with cuff, pocket &button.

This weekend I have stroked off few tasks from my Do-list.  One of the task was shorts for my son with cuff and pocket.  I got this fabric in three different colors, so planned to make them with different pockets.

After long break finally I managed to make a tutorial for Kids shorts with cuff and pocket embellished with button.


Fabric A 
Fabric B

First I traced the pattern from my son's old shorts that fit him well and marked the pattern on the Fabric A and cut them.
Use Fabric B for pocket and cuff.

For Cuff, I cut 2" wide strip.  Sew the right side of the strip onto the wrong side of bottom of the shorts.

Now fold the strip into half  and fold again toward the right side of the shorts. In other-words turn the shorts right side out and fold the cuff into half and one more time and press.

 Neatly top sew both the ends of the strip.  I used  purple thread on the black stripe and I love thelook.
Mark the pocket pattern on the Fabric B and cut 4 pieces of them.  Sew 2 pieces with right side together and leave one side open, then turn it around.

Mark the pocket wherever you want it on the shorts.  In the front or back or sides.  I planned to sew this pocket on the side of the shorts.  

Slightly fold the raw edge toward inside and top sew the pocket to the shorts.
The cuff and the pocket is ready.  Now simply sew small side of the shorts - right side facing each other.  When you turn the right side it should look like this.

Pin the back portions with right side facing each other and sew the crotch.
For waist, fold over more than the elastic size and sew the edge and insert the elastic.  Now ready to sew the button .

Enjoy making one!


  1. Great post! Enjoyed thoroughly reading ur tuts.I've a son who is in KG and looking up for more tutorials 4m u(especially for shirts & trousers).

  2. so when do I start my stitching classes with you madam ?:)

  3. You're so good with coming up with clever designs. I look forward to seeing a picture of your delightful son modeling a pair.

  4. Such fun, bright shorts!!! Love the added buttons! Great tutorial on making cuffs and pockets. Thanks for linking up...


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