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Friday, November 18, 2011

More of Chhaya Bag

Did you catch up with new Chhaya bag in my last post? Here is one more Chhaya Bag with zipper purse. You might remember this fabric, one of my favorite with which I made Luttaps Bag.  I love this fabric and love the chhaya bag especially how it turnout with the wooden button.

Oh, I managed to take these photos with little natural light.  It is still raining here. You know what this week my productive was good .  I made two patterns -  Chaaya bag (large and small) and one tote bag which I will be posting soon.  Yeah, waiting for little sunlight to shine and start clicking.

Once I sewed the zipper purse then I decided to go for two wooden button.  And they look lovely.
oh man, I love this pattern want to make one more of my favorite green and blue combo. Now that I'm in bag making mood you can see more of them next week.

I'm surprised I finished this as quick as possible.  Then I added top stitching for the bag. Adjustable handle is an additional in this version, so this can be carried like messenger bag.

If you like, the Chhaya bag is available in my shop. Click here or here 

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