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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Classic tote bag

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  My internet was on and off during last week.  After a struggle with telephone exchange people finally i got my internet connection up.  Here is my new tote bag made for my sister. She loved this fabric and wanted for herself.

It is a flat-surfaced bottom; pretty spacious for holding all essentials with a zipper closure.  Extra zipper compartment in the front and back of the bag.   This upholstery fabric is extremely durable and great bag for shopping or beach or weekend or working girl.

Wooden button embellishment is classic. I took this photo before the button was attached.

A perfect match of fashion and function.  Inside with Zipper pocket on one side and five little pocket on other side to keep mobile,ear phone,pen, key ,lip gloss etc..

So what did you make this weekend???

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