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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Holiday craft

I came across this link Holiday craft with clever ideas to keep the little finger busy. 

I made a fabric basket out of old jean for my little star.  I trimmed the legs from the jean just below crotch and sew the bottom with adding rectangle fabric base for extra space.

All pockets are functional providing storage for pencil, sketch pen, crayon, painting brush...

Your imagination is unlimited, i decorated the bag with buttonhole or blanket stitches

Aryan settle down for painting...


  1. Wow,little Aryan is all engross in his paintings/drawings..an artist in the making ..

  2. The jeans basket is a great idea! A different version of the typical jeans purse. (I don't need more purses, but I definitely can use more storage.)

    Using the pockets for pencils - so funny and smart!

    Love the serious expression on Aryan's face. Such a cutie!

  3. Super like your idea for Jeans reuse:))) Way to go. U can create a niche market for urself!

  4. Thanks so much the lovely comments

  5. What a perfect idea. Nothing more durable than a pair of jeans - love the blanket stitching detail. So cute.


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