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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Pyjamas

Hope you had wonderful mother's day.  First off, I have to tell you guys you are sweetest out here!  I received so many lovely comments for my last couple of post.  So nice of you guys to stop by and leave such nice comments, Thank You!!   Some reason I was not able to edit or upload on my blog last couple of days, I was extremely stuck. So Thanks again...

And finally I end up finishing my summer pajamas- 2piece set.   I used two fabric plain pink and printed black.  The charming prints on black fabric set a lovely look, bedtime style with blossom...hahah    I  managed to stitch 2set of pyjamas includes short-sleeve top & capris with flat front-drawstring to tight..  I love the way it turn out. 

Initially I didn't have any complicated pattern in my mind.  I wanted something comfortable and cool - Summer nightwear .  When it was finally ready I loved the cute pattern.


This is the second set, perfect mix and match bedtime outfit with comfy pink and black top and black/pink pants.  Pyjama pants were very easy to sew in the entire project.

Black fabric is 100% cotton makes the fabric breathe even better, cool and comfortable. 


  1. The fabrics are very beautiful! I love the first top! Cute one...

  2. How cute! I love all the variation - everything can be worn with everything else!


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