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Sunday, May 8, 2011

My mother- my inspiration.

My mom is a important person in my life, I really wish she is a part of my life forever.
She is my true inspiration - family & work.  She is my best friend, i could share everything with her.
I learned to appreciate all piece of work from her.

Love you mom, Happy Mothers Day!


  1. That's such a nice picture of you and your mother. She's wearing some of my favorite colors. My mother, too, inspired my loving of sewing and all sorts of needlework.

  2. That is a lovely tribute to your mother for Mother's Day!

  3. Mom, a special word and a special person for each individual! Some mom's are outstanding in their role :) Aunt easily falls into that category - person always smiling and one with endless patience & luv - from whatever bit I have seen her & interacted with. Good one Pupa :)

  4. Lovely! You are so lucky to have your mom as your best friend. I do, too!

  5. Thanks so much nice comments....Hope you all has wonderful mothers day.


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