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Monday, January 17, 2011

Luttaps bag

After a nice long festival weekend... I am so delighted to show you this fabric bag, specially made for my sister.  She had same design leather bag of smaller version but she wanted bigger one.  I made slight changes in this pattern and I was impressed with result.

I bought 2 yards of this fabric because of dazzling print.   I made a bag, purse organiser and lunch bag still have some more fabric.

This photo was really hard one, though unable to capture the full length. 
 And the interior has a zippered pocket on one side and two mobile pockets on the otherside.

I made this Purse organiser for her inspired by Studiokatdesigns. I made some changes depending upon the stuff to be kept in the organiser.  This is so helpful no matter how much you have to carry everything has a place.  Wow! I just love this organiser, ofcourse im planning to make one for myself.

This is a fairly a mini travel bag with plenty of space for purse organiser and lunch bag along with water bottle.


  1. Wow..this is a bag for the real woman..you can almost haul everything that a girl need isn't it.Am inspired to do one for myself..Thanx for sharing

  2. Really a wow bag & only we nd to stitch one for her needs ;) I loved the purse organizer and now take this as an official order placed pls :) I shall wait to buy one when its ready.

  3. wow! This is fab! would love for you to link up at our crafty saturday party.


  4. What a great bag! I love big bags as I cart loads of stuff round with me!

  5. Wow, that is so complete and has so many storage pockets! it's wonderful. I love the print, the little flowers pop! Almost like 3-D.

  6. Anyway you can maybe create a tutorial for this? That would be awesome! Love love the fabric! Where did you find it?


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