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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Hope everyone had Merry Christmas,
Happy & Bright New year to this world...

I made lot of friends in 2010,  I realized although I couldn't do much for them, I always received their support throughout my journey in 2010.

A new year with my new resolution, here I begin...
Resolution is to make at least one friend happy a day.


  1. A great resolution! Today you already made me happy with the cute picture of your beautiful family. Happy 2011! I look forward to seeing more sweet artistic creations from you this year.

  2. You are my darling dear...thank you so much for the lovely comments, Im sure I will do more stuffs this year..

  3. :)being with u guys (u, talai, aru, my swt heart;) aunty) makes me very happy always :) hope we will have much more fun this year! not to forget, will want to c u establish ur brand this year - all d best :)

  4. You made me smile when I looked at the picture of your beautiful family.


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