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Friday, August 13, 2010

Toddler Pillow from bits and pieces.


My son loves lion, he watches lion and mouse story and try to recite.  He is bored with his soft toys mickey,doggy,tiger,rabbit,hen..  I was breaking my head how to make it more interesting for him. Something to cuddle during his favourite time (my favourite time too) yeah.. nap time. Its nice to watch him going to sleeping, a peaceful time of the day after so much of running,tantrum, climbing everywhere and pulling everything down.  So yeah I decided to make Lion pillow with bits&pieces.

You need three different fabric two for front and one for backside. Half a meter or half yard each should do and matching thread.

I had this blue fabric less than half yard.  From the bits and pieces i managed to find 8"x8" and did freehand cut&sew a cute lion on it.

 I like this black fabric and it goes well with the blue. I enjoyed making it.

Cut black fabric 10"x10" and place the design on the centre and sew outline.                       

As I said earlier the blue fabric was less than half yard and they were different bits and pieces.
So i took 4 long stripe 18"x 3" and cut both edges.
Sew both edges as below and place them four sides.
This is how it look from backside. Now stich the outline. 

For the thin piping finish cut 1.5" wide long strip of black fabric and stich along the four corner of the pillow. 

Material for the back of the pillow I cut  two rectangle of 17"x 9" and  17"x13" for envelope model.  To stitch the pillow back, double fold edges of each pillow backing piece in 1/2" and press, this hide any raw edges. These will be the edges of the envelope back.

I  placed the backing pieces right sides down onto the pillow front over. Lay the larger backing piece down first on the pillow front and then the smaller backing 17" x9", make sure right sides are facing towards the right sides of your pillow front.

  He loved it he started kissing and licking ...hehheh


  1. Beautiful work kuttuse...kalakkitte...nice work out of bits n pieces...kukudoo seem to like it so much...singakutty seem to luv his singa pillow...

  2. This is such a cute cushion! I adore the lion.
    Thankyou for your comment!

  3. Lovely! ennavo pupa, kalakara! :) ana andha singathoda kanno illa edho onnu gives a cat's feel :)


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