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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Love August

It’s August! One of my favourite months – filled with memories and pleasant weather. Monsoon season are cooler with showers, clearing the air and coincide with celebration (our wedding anniversary and Onam).

I know I’m running behind schedule and takes me little longer to complete things these days.
- My sewing machine broke, It's frustrating to be working on a sewing project and suddenly forced to a thumping halt. After 2 days of struggle today I fixed it..
- My little fellow having hard time with his stuffy nose.

New month with beautiful weather will make up these things.
• Aryan says more words
• Planning to do more sewing (I have finished few project, photos are pending to post).
• Festival and celebration season.
• Amazed with my sister's painting.

My younger sister has lot of potential.  I love all her work, they are just astonishing beauty.
Final touch with the antique frame.


  1. kutta u really put ur thoughts into words beautifully...am pleasantly surprised n feel proud...u luk beautiful in those pics...lovely smile...n u luk slimmed down too...wow...u seem to b doin catwalk the way the pic is taken...kalakkire po...en pondatti super...

  2. talai, enda photos talai :) anda paintla irukra figure pathi pesereenglo ;)


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