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Friday, August 6, 2010

Simplicity is beauty.

I'm in love with ruffle, Isnt it simple and easy to make? Give a shot! its so easy, you can make them in no time. I used elastic to get the ruffle. Place the elastic on the fabric and pull the elastic as you stitch.

I liked this flowery lavender fabric looks beautiful with ruffle. I tried this pattern for the first time so I made trial and error for measurement.  I loved the ruffle so much that I took extra fabric for shoulder and neck. Then I had to discard them.                                   Next time i will make step by step tutorial of this ruffle top.  I'm planning to make one in black for my little sister with more photos..

After stiching the neckline ruffle, I decided to add flower belt to wastline. It worked like charm and I got the fit which I was looking for. 
Happy Weekend!

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  1. I saw your comment on Handmade by Carolyn and came to visit you. The flower is really pretty. I love how the ruffles make a simple summer top elegant.


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