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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspired and dedicated to “artsycraftybabe”

I would like to dedicate this wonderful Phoebe bag to you "artsycraftybabe".  The name "Phoebe" defines its beauty.  I would love to say the story behind it.  I found your website while I was browsing.  I was taken away by your photography, attracted by the colour combination, fascinated by your phoebe bag, slow stitch bag, your pregnancy, family etc.  I didn't realize the time I spent on your blog and I forgot to bookmark it.  I was so involved in your work I forgot to read your blog name or your name (sorry to mention this I'm not trying to often u please read through).  Next day when I logged into internet wanted to see the slow stitch, I realized I forgot to bookmark your website.  Neither have I know your name nor your blog name.  But I remembered your kid's lovely name Lily, Alex and Ava. Your photographs were in my head.  How am I going to find your website now???

I started searching in Google by your quote:" a mom likes to make things" the search engine came up with different website but not yours.  I did different searches probably because I'm in India very far away,  I couldn't find your blog.  The search went on and on for two weeks, every time I sat before the computer without my conscious I started searching for your website.  Every night when I was in bed my mind used to wander how am i going to find your blog, if you have changed your title/photo?  Different question was in my mind.

On the third week I gave up the hope of searching.  And I was surfing through Craft hope and I found your blog.  I couldn't believe it;  I jumped from the chair and kissed my mom and my little boy... I was searching from July 2nd till July 19th.  Wow! And I finally found it .

What have I learned?

First- to bookmark something I like;
Second - remember to look for the name of the blog and person;
Third- recall name of project like bag "phoebe bag"


  1. kutta the bags u hav created r simply superb...i jus love the flowery one...such a nice colour combo...proud of u kuttuse...hats off to u coz inspite of being so busy with aryan u r finding time for doing such superb stuff...i read the whole write up...pretty impressive... keep dreaming daffy...

  2. They're both beautiful! I love the fabrics you picked for both of them!


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