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Friday, June 7, 2013

Sling Bag / Cross body Bag

It's Friday - why does the time fly so fast?  This week is totally busy after coming from holiday. As promised I managed little time to post this sling/cross body bag on web/Etsy shop.  
I decided last minute I needed a small bag to carry few things during my travel to Munnar.  I made this bag and utterly love it; very convenient and handy for travel - carry iPad, phone, wallet, camera, map and lip balm.  So I made few more for my shop.

I always wonder how the bag looks without the top stitch - but I really like it without the top stitch. The little details with few pleats at the bottom and closure with key lobster/ swivel key added the beauty. Length adjustable strap is very comfortable for a walk trip .

Enough room to carry things - zipper pocket and divider for easy access. I will be putting the snap closure inside the bag as many people prefer the magnetic snap.  I have posted on Etsy.

Please visit my Etsy shop to buy one.


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  2. It is lovely and beautiful bags, I love the fabric and the style you go.


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