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Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabric organizing - DIY

If you are regular reader of my blog, you would know I love to keep everything organized.  I love the word "ORGANIZED" - give a designated space for everything & easily accessible. I find my life is easy going when things are organized.

After we moved into new house, my sewing room was unorganized.  Still with few carton unopened.  Now I’m back from my holiday, I have more things to arrange. (yeah, holiday shopping too...)   I decided no more wasting time searching for things; need my things in its place.  In fact organized place inspires me to do more sewing.

What do I like about the transparent box? I can see through what I have kept, box with lid are free from dust, easy to move when I shifted and they are not very expensive.

You can see I’m addicted to fabric; I have more boxes inside cupboard.  I sorted them as per color, white/cream with prints, dark shade with prints like black/brown, fabric with big flowers, whichever suited you are convenient.

Do you have your fabric organized to find it when inspiration strikes?


  1. Hey pupa, I completely agree with you on being organized... But personally, I keep going often out the line :) Did you know that you are my inspiration for being more organized - and you & Gops for being more punctual. Yup, have imbibed a few habits after having seen you closely. Thanks girly:) Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Daffy! Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog! Now following yours! Slowly but steady, I'm becoming fan of the DIY philosophy!
    I adore your transparent boxes, remember wanted to buy some. I also like keep things organised,helps you being calmer by letting you think more clear!
    Have a nice day,

  3. Might have to steal that idea when I eventually get my new sewing room, looks great and definitely better than my current laundry hamper storage.

  4. Thank you so much all for encouraging to do more.

  5. Thanks for showing me this for my yarn at Snickety Things. Where did you get your boxes and how much were they?

  6. I'm glad, if this way of organizing help for your yarn. this is from stationery shop at cheap price in india.


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