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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Great weekend

Last week my little boy turned 3. It is hard to believe, he is no longer a baby but ready for his school by June 2012.

He requested for Choota Bheem birthday cake and wanted to wear tie like his daddy.. I made him tie and a reversible vest.  I found a lovely boys vest tutorial from make it and love it.  You see I'm always happy to find "boy" things to sew...

 I'm so glad that I did something special.  My little buddy jump out of happiness and wore it for the whole day. In fact I'm planning to make one more in different color.

He got lot of gifts, but this was special from his big sister.  A lovely drawing by Aashu.

Aryan! you are so special...lot of love from all of us 


  1. naughty, smarty chota beam :) lots of luv arrrruuu... wishing him the very best:) soon he will have a big line up! like the live performance in the Farm that evening ;)

  2. The farm - live performance- great...Practices is on already.


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