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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fabric made me do this....

Hope you had wonderful weekend. Its was sunny and bright here, I watched some good movies and did some interesting sewing. Do you want to see what I was cutting and sewing.

Lovely recycle projects...

I totally love to do recycling, which allows me to think out of the box. I didnt want to say goodbye to these clothes, they are amazing fabric.  I bought from Pound shop when we were living in London..  I repurposed them into lovely bags.  Isn’t wonderful ? 


Cute messeger bag with small purse

Bow bag

Aadharsh bag

Don't forget to visit the exhibition... More to see.

Dhir Bag:


  1. These are all wonderful! My favorite is the first one - that cool khaki with the pink looks so incredibly cute!

  2. My favorite concept of yours :)

  3. Your bags are great! I love recycling very much,too

  4. oh my!! incredibly genius!!I'm new to your blog, daffy and I'm amazed by your creativity.


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