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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bird nest and eggs...

We didn't miss Father day...We had wonderful weekend - eating day and night ahhaaa; we were at our friends place, treated our self with good food.
I love to travel but I hate the fact of packing and unpacking when we have kids to take along. We are back home I unpacked and did some housework. We shifted our cupboard from upstairs to ground floor; that was a long day work, today I manage to clean the chaos.
My friend gave Aryan an old bird mobile still good to play.  We brought it home, separated the bird and beads.

We decide to make nest for the birds and we had fun making some eggs to decorate the nest.

Supply for the bird nest:
White glue
Small bowl

 We dipped the yarn in the white glue and neatly rotate around the bottom of the bowl.  The nest shape will develop, leave it dry.  Once completely dry approx 8 hours, the nest is ready to use.

Supply for the Egg: 
Tissue paper
White glue

We mixed the tissue paper and glue; made it like a dough.  Make small ball out of the dough and leave it for dry.

By evening the nest and egg was ready to use, we went to the terrace Arya collect some leave, small sticks...
He arranged them neatly in the nest..

He had so much fun when we build the nest for bird... He learn about bird, bird lived in nest, their egg, how they fly and make noise.

He carrying the nest in his bike...


  1. That little man is so cute! I am glad Aryan was able to learn a lesson without even realizing he was being taught. That's the best way!
    Funny enough, I have bought a bird mobile the other week that looks very similar to the one you used for Aryan. Mine is bright orange, but otherwise, the birds look the same.
    It's a small world!
    I hope you will get some time to yourself, just relaxing. Thank you for a wonderful post!

  2. I hereby declare you the 'recycling Queen' :) Isn't that an ideal way to teach kids - the most-needed 'pull factor' towards learning in our education system! Hats off pupa, and do continue your innovations :)


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