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Monday, June 13, 2011

Me and my hairstyle

How often do you change your hairstyle???

During my childhood I always had short haircuts. I grew up as a tomboy, never preferred spending time in a bathroom/dress table. All I needed was 10mins to get-going.  My hair was bouncy and thick, so I preferred to keep it short and clean.

Till I finished my high school - Me and my short hairstyle.

In my college day; I decided to have long hairstyle. But as I got busy in life I found it was unmanageable, so I again preferred to have medium hairstyle (step cut and layer cut). 

Beautiful feather cut  - during my college.

People say during pregnancy hair loss is high.  But I didn't have any hair loss during my pregnancy and I preferred to keep it long.   After my son's birth I got my hair relaxed.  So two years I had long hair with glowing burgundy highlights.

On May first week, I got my new short haircut with reddish brown highlight, remains me of my childhood days.  So convenient to wash and dry to carry on. My hair looks thicker and glossy now.


  1. Nice one :) u r a doll in that frock and style; ur rendu jadai is also cute but the best is ur college day style. I luv it. Overall, I love ur hair bec it stays stronger even when allowing you to experiment! Touch wood :)

  2. Daffy,
    You're beautiful in all your hairstyles, but I do like your shorter style. It's very becoming.

  3. Daffy, i love your long hair .You look xtra feminine...

  4. Thanks so much Sri,Nancy and Nykolett, lucky im so comfortable with any hairstyle.

  5. Lovely photos!!! I like your lastest hairstyle.


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