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Friday, April 15, 2011

Vishu Ashamsakal (Happy New year)

Vishu is our traditional malayalam new year.

Our Vishukkani, is the most important thing for Vishu. Kani is symbol of good luck,so it is prepared with lot of care by the eldest person of the family.  An auspicious kani is the first sight on the vishu day and the belief is that this brings luck and prosperous for the entire year.

Konna (Cassia fistula), is a popular vishukanni
 We found Konna(vishu flower - kerala region flower ) on our way from bangalore to chennai.  Last weekend we had a beauty trip to bangalore driving in car.  I remember our last visit was 6years back.  We went to aunt place after our wedding, so it was dinner treat served with oyster,crab,fish, chicken etc. After a wonderful dinner we hurried to station to catch the train to hubli,  we almost missed our train to hubli,  we jumped into running train hahha....that was unforgetable experience.

Arya always love carrying him on the shoulder. He had great fun time with my cousins.

Shiva mandir in Kemp fort
The shiva status is 65ft height located in kempfort. The status looks bright in the night. 
The famous Glass house of Lal bagh (240 acre botanical garden).  I wish I had small house near lalbagh, so i will not miss the yearly flower show...

Kempe Gowda
My son made me run all behind him, he was chasing the crow............hahha.

Stay-tuned i will come back soon with some sewing ,im really missing it now..

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  1. Ooh, great pictures! I love the one with yellow flowers - your little boy has the biggest smile! The Shiva statue is so amazing.


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