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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pencil Drawing

Aah!  this is being pending for long to post.  Did you know drawing can be fun and its nice hobby.  My mother, sisters all loved to draw.  My mom used to paint on our dress, she is awesome artist. And my hubby, he is amazing artist too, he didn't go for classes. But every piece he makes is unique.  He gave me his first masterpiece when we were dating.

How romantic to receive a beautiful pencil work like this.   Although its just black and white i always wonder how amazing and expressive they are. 

He made this pencil drawing recently, very unique capturing the expression of eyes, eyebrow and lip lines.

My little star Aryan is actually holding the pencil accurately.  This summer activity includes pencil drawing for arya.  Kids love drawing.

So what are you waiting for? Get your pencil, paint and have fun...


  1. No words can praise enough this work! Hope to see more such work from talai & soon from arya :)

  2. Wow, he is amazing! A super talented family, obviously!

  3. Such a beautiful art..so talented!

  4. Your husband has created some very lovely works of art. May your son be blessed with the artistic talents of his parents.


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