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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Organise your thread.

We are back from 20days kerala holiday .  Awesome trip!  I really don't know where to start....Kerala posting is in my draft box.. I want to talk about place we went, special people we met, delicious food we ate.... I promise, I will come back with my kerala trip photos (God's own country)

You know it, after a holiday there is lot of clean and clear.  I didnt take photo of my sewing studio its very messing.  Life is so easy when things are organized.   Finally I decided to arrange my sewing thread in the plastic box free from dust and humidity. handy to use.

Material required

Plastic box 
Cardboard like cereal box

My box measured 13"X7" and depth of 3".  I cut the 3 strips of 13" for length and 5 strips of 7" . All the strip depth was 3".

Then cut a V shape leaving 2" to 3" apart in all the strips.

Now place the 7" strip on the 13" strip as per the pic.

The strip is beautifully placed one on the top and then arrange them in the box

Isn't it organised with simple cardboard?

Enjoy making one.


  1. Love it! Thanks for a wonderful idea, I NEED to get organized!!! Your thread looks so pretty in the box, I love the photo from above.

    I hope you post about your travels soon, it sounds amazing.

  2. Thank you Daffy for visiting my blog ... and the opportunity to come and see yours!!!!!!!

    It's so dreamfull!!!

    happy crafting!

  3. Love your organizational skills - and your blog is lovely, too! I "followed" you :)

  4. Great idea for those of us that sew. I saw you at Saturday Spotlight by Craft Envy.

    My blog is having it's first linky party this weekend. I would love for you to add this post: http://koolbeenz-blog.blogspot.com/2011/03/funky-fresh-friday-1.html

  5. Great idea! Saw your link on KooBeenz.


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