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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tea Coaster

My husband painted my sewing table, now its a beautiful white table. I always wanted a studio with white and green combo, but it is very difficult to maintain here.  As you all know me I love tea anytime. I wanted to stitch tea coaster for very long but never happened for some reason. Here Im finally collected all the scrap fabric for tea coaster keeping the white table in mind. Im not a perfectionist,but love to try new things. Here is my first tea coaster and tutorial for my friends.


3 strips of fabric 2"x  4 ½"
1 square fabric of 5"x 4 ½"
1 square batting of 5"x 4 ½"
1/2" double fold bias tape 18" long approx

 Now join the 3 strips of fabric
 Remember to give nice press to lay flat
 Now it we make a sandwich out of these fabric.

Place the top fabric, batting in the middle and the backing fabric start sewing 1/4" seam allowance around the four edges.

Ok now start sewing from any edge approx 1/4" seam, once you reach the other edge of the fabric, stop and lift the presser foot then pivot the fabric and begin to sew the other side, go on till you reach the center.
Finally step is to attach the bias tape,lets see the trick to attach the bias tape around the corner.  Start sewing the bias tape until the edge, lift the presser foot and fold over the bias tape like a small pleat.  Now place the fabric back under presser foot and sew the bias tape.      

Hope I havent confused you... look for the photos...

Once all four corner are done then sew down the tape close to the edge.

Happy sewing...


  1. So cute! A miniature quilt! You could also use it for a doll quilt. Your husband is so helpful, I'm glad you have a fresh white work table. Looks great in photos!

  2. Cute, Colorful & another excellent reuse of fabrics :) btw, though didn't take a tour, ur arrangement of sewing table with those accessories around is very nice. All d best for u to expand ur work soon :)


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